Calf cramp

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Calf cramp

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Hi guys I played 3 games on the weekend, 2 on saturday and 1 on sunday,towards the end of the sunday game I got a really bad cramp in my right calf muscle,I got subbed out and couldn't walk very well.I didn't play the rest of the game :( . We have a game on Wednesday and I was wondering if a calf compression or calf support brace would help at all? I heard they keep your calf nice and warm but would a product like this help?
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I've had this problem before...i think your best bet is too rest, ice, and stretch once in a while...tell me if this doesn't work

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i had a really bad cramp or cramps last week, i did track for 2 hours then went to practice where all we did was sprints and runs. I got a cramp on each calf really bad. Best thing to do is eat a banana a day and drink alot of water and stretch this really helps!!
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Is it just a cramp or an injury. I was once tackled and my calf muscle was it, cause severe pain. If regardless of whether it was injured or overstrained, you should do as the previous posters have said and stretch.

This is the main stretch you should do that directly stretches your calf.


Since muscles are interconnected, also stretch your hamstring muscles:

Next, slowly begin to strengthen your muscle with calf raises on stairs (ignore the weight system in the picture)
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