shot speeds?

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shot speeds?

Post by footy_oaf »

so, i thought i might make this topic to compare the speeds on our shots and whatnot, because i just saw this place in town where you get 4 goes and they tel you the speeds each time.

so my highest out of 4 was 45.9 mph and my lowest was 40.5 but it kept gettin better steadily :D so ive not lost hope. so, in your oppinion is this any good?
if you know your shot powers post them
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Post by klc123 »

How old are you? Thats quite good is your under the age of 16, averagish if you are 16 i would say.

Ronaldo's wondergoal against Porto traveled an average speed of about 64 mph, or 105 km/h, and that would be considered one of the fastest and most powerful shots in football, so thats a very high standard to compare yourself against.

I wouldn't focus so much on how hard you hit the ball as much as your accuracy, a shot travelling 30 mph into the very corner of the goal is unstoppable for most keepers untill you get to a very high standard of football, and even then it is still very difficult to save them if you disguise your shot.

If you absolutely must have power though, especially if your in your younger teenage years, the power in your kick is going to come from good connection and good technique. If you focus on striking the ball with your instep, getting a good swing motion through the ball, but most importantly, what generates the most power is moving your whole body weight through the ball and towards the target. Not only does this make your shot much more easy to do and much more accurate, but it makes it much more powerful and the quicker you move your weight through the ball, obviously the faster the ball will rocket off your foot.

If you look at any top player, when they shoot, even if its just a sidefooted slot into the corner of the goal in a one on one, they still shift their weight in the direction they want the ball to go in and through the ball to keep the power there to make sure the keeper can't get it, thats the biggest secret to getting a good shot off, moving your weight.
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Post by NewBornProdigy »

I remember writing a guide that contained information on effective shot speeds

Beckham's, Henry's, Dinho's freekicks all travel at roughly 70kph (43mph)

So your full force shot is just above their accuracy and swerving shot
Nothing to be ashamed of, thats good work

Ronaldo's porto goal was ridiculous
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Post by Ronaldao »

Check out this video I know its with little kids but I found it helped me some you want to have strong core position to get strong shots. ... great.html
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Post by footy_oaf »

thanks klc, im 14 so im quite proud of that now :D and yeah they were all on target. i think i dont have much power, but the thing that gives me the power is my shot technique which i virtually work on from when i get home till sundown. all of those shot had no spin on them, and i put my weight through them,

but the guy who won that competition had a 62 mph shot on him.. won a man utd signed shirt lol

ut anyways, i now consider my shots to be quite effective, and am now working on placement and freekicks "my shots now are low, like a foot or 2 off the ground.. im trying to get a high dipping shot for fks)

does anyone havve their shot speeds?
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