why cant i kick with my inside of my foot?

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i cant kick the ball for some reason........ everytime i want to curve the ball with my inside of foot i always kick with my ankle it's making mad and not only that when i pass too....... EVERYTIME!!!!! what am i doing wrong?

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It's really just a matter of practice man. If you know the technique then just set the ball down and try to curve it from a stationary position. Once you can get that then start to jog with it and practice then start sprinting.

Honestly there isn't much we can tell you, especially without a video.. Just watch you technique and start back at the basics and work back up. If your basic skills are not perfect then each new thing you add on top is just going to be that much offset by it.
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yup, just go out and practice, go to a wall and just repeatedly practice using the inside of both feet

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