what is wrong with me!! gawd im such a goof

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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what is wrong with me!! gawd im such a goof

Post by delone » 25 Jul 2009, 03:53

today we versed this team and we lost 5-0.

i got subed 5 mins into the game then came bak on the second half then got subed again with 20 minutes to go.

these player were bigger,stronger, faster like an elite team. i just dont know how to deal with it

i dunno and i just keep backing out of challenges. i dunno whats wrong with me. they rarely did any mistakes.

i havent had a good match all year and i practice every day so hard.

som1 help/

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Post by soccer11 » 25 Jul 2009, 08:23

you're probably having a bad year in terms of form. I had one like this a couple years ago. Nothing seemed to happen right. My passes didn't go where I wanted them to, my tackles always seemed to miss, and I always seemed to be a step slow.
I had a really strong team behind me so that helped mask some of my misfortune, but it also exposed me more since I wasn't playing up to that level.
Another thing, don't let some pompous assh**e tell you you're bad or discourage you. This happened to me and I let it really get to me so that made me play even worse. I knew I wasn't playing well and someone pointing it out to me just made it worse. I honestly feel I could've finished that season better had I not let it get to me so much.
Just keep practicing hard. Keep your head down (figuratively of course) and don't concern yourself with others. In practice, practice really hard and also practice other things you need help on on your own. Don't worry about making magnificent plays, just try to play really simple balls to get your confidence back.

I'll be rooting for you. I know what it's like. All the best to you.

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Post by Rolin_NDN » 25 Jul 2009, 11:09

what position do you play? i assume a defender since you talked about tackling?

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Post by delone » 25 Jul 2009, 11:53

left wing, ther is some defending involved.

and im scared to challenge for the ball in the air or on the ground. defenders running full pace at me. im just frightened cos their bigger stronger and faster than me.

fortunatley were versing this team again nxt week.

so some revenge is in order.

but still ive been scared to challenge in the air and on the ground, and when they try to clear it or im in a wall i get scared and move away.

how do i overcome this? ive had this problem for 6 years. im 16 now and i wanna grow out of this childish issue and be a man in tackles in air, ground and in the wall

and also i seem to get pushed off the ball alot in tackles and when im tackling them. and ther abit faster thaan me. i havent had a decent season yet except 14s i had about 3 decent games and scored 3 goals for the season, i only played 20mins in the grandfinal we won. but i was hoping to score like 10 this year. euff i havent even scored 1

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Post by AmericanFutballer » 25 Jul 2009, 16:35

Well if you're a winger you should rarely score goals unless it's a rocket from you cutting inside. You should be moreso focused on assists and helping to create space by putting yourself wide. When you draw defenders out it opens up the middle and lets the Attacking center midfielder and forwards do their thing a little easier. If your scared of people running at you, you aren't positioning yourself well. Remember they will almost always play the ball inside so force them wide if they try to outrun you down the sideline challenge for the ball. Get your body in their no matter what. Most likely if these people are an elite team and hardly make mistakes they will respond by faking the run and cutting inside, just block off that option again. Force them wide. Watch wingers play and you'll realize they do this alot.

For challenging in the air, I'm confused, you're a winger once again. You shouldn't really be thrown into that many situations where heading is involved but if you are just worry about timing the header and forget the other guy. More than likely they will foul you because they will jump when they know they have no oppurtunity to get the ball because you already have claimed it as yours, i.e. you actually are trying to head the ball and not kill the other person. If you are scared of this just practice heading in the park. Have someone throw the ball, you head it back. Increase the distance until eventually they will start kicking the ball to you and you can head it back.

For ground challenges, resort to this as a last ditch effort (if you mean slide tackles) save this for when your left back gets beaten and your covering for him on a breakaway or something. You only get good at this challenge from experience and practice.

If your scared of these guys you shouldn't be playing competitively. Ok, they are bigger and faster. Who cares? Dictate the way they play and that fact becomes obsolete. If your team has the ball they can't run at you. If you make sure you play the smart pass you will look like a team that never messes up.

Anyways, I know i'm babbling now but good luck with this. If you are hesitiating when going for a challenge that's a problem you have to overcome mentally. Don't worry about going into a challenge, think about if that is the right choice. If it is, do it. If not back out of it and cover.

Cheers, hope you kill that team.
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Post by scottS4 » 25 Jul 2009, 19:16

I had the same fear a couple years with going up for headers. I found that if you take a running start before jumping, the other player challenging seems much less scary. Dont just stand under the ball and hop, gain some momentum with a little run.
As for fear of getting stuck in, you just have to "tighten" your leg as hard as you can because that way you wont get hurt.
As for fear of being in the wall, you just have to be a man. Realise your not made of glass. Once youve actually taken one, you'll realise they dont hurt that much.

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Post by delone » 26 Jul 2009, 01:10

thanks guys, i feel better now.

ill try my best

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Post by MSILancer7 » 27 Jul 2009, 21:49

I used to always shy away from the ball cause i was afraid to get hurt. But then my assistant coach told me something that has stuck with me good and long. He told me that when you get nailed with a ball, or someone kicks you, it only hurts for a minute.
It still took me a while after him saying this for it to actually sink in, but once it did i realized that the minute or two of pain is way worth it when your teammates and coaches congratulate you and it is 1000% worth it when you start to get noticeably greater playing time.
Thinking that it will only hurt for a second might not help you right away but if you give it some time it can turn you into a significantly better player.
Also if you lift weights and get stronger you can deal more damage in 50-50s and then people will be backing away from you.

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