Outdoor and futsal

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Is there a chance that really good outdoor players arent to good at futsal/ indoor, or vice versa.

Because im alright at outdoor but not brilliant at indoor.

Is this the case for anyone else.

(Im not to bad at futsal but i am a lot better at outdoor.

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Well, players with good technical abilities and dribbling skills would be better at indoor, also those players that are explosive. At indoor you are under a bigger pressure and you have less space to use, so therefor it requires better technical abilities, and the game goes also faster.

I happen to be better at indoor than I am at outdoor, probably because I like it better.
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I am miles better at indoor than outdoor, when people play against me indoors they are really amazed and this really good player said to me that when he played against me at 5-a-side I was one of the hardest oppenents he's ever been up against and that I seemed really strong, fast and a great leader :lol:

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I'm a lot better at indoor. I think it's because I enjoy it more, and it suits my style of play well. I enjoy playing the ball to feet and more control which in IMO is more suited for indoor. Also when playing indoor you know what the balls going to do, no strange bounces, wind, rain, etc.

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I play better indoor as well. I play on artificial turf tho, probably because its what I play most. I like the fast pace of indoor and the fact that the turf is almost perfect 90% of the time. When playing outdoor thats what bothers me... when the grass is too long and the ground has bumps.

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i know this has been dead for a while, but i've only just got on so wanted to get of 0 posts...

you can be lazier in outdoor than in indoor, there are more players and more defined positions and roles. in futsal you have to be capable of attacking and defending, shooting and tackling. if you aren't you really create a weak point in the team...

there are also a lot of different prominent techniques... i.e. trapping the ball more with the sole of your foot as it keeps it closer to you. as a gk i always get murdered the first two weeks back into outdoor or indoor (after a change) as i adapt back to what's required. if you don't have the right abilities and attitudes for futsal you are in trouble.

in short, yes :P

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