Juggling with or without backspin

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which is better for ball control juggling with or without backspin? plz help

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Using backspin helps me juggle and alot of people I know agree.
But just do whatever you feel comfortable with, it should help keep control though.
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when i started to juggle i found it way easier to juggle with backspin..

i eventually got to the point where it didn't help my touch much anymore (it was still fine for freestyling)

then i just became crazed with doing it without backspin, like no spin at all, i was juggling with my instep basically and the ball was going higher in the air...

it was hard at first, and really hard to do it constistently...

but it dramatically helped my touch (and my volleys a bit) and i actually think it looks way cooler...

i think of it as an advanced way to juggle now...

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Yeah, using backspin helps you control it more consistintly.
Its simple all you have to do to create backspin is just point toes to the sky and it automatically works. The first time I started to do it I was like "This really feels cool and suits me"



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juggling with your instep causes no spin which is highly more advanced and beneficial.

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i reckon it doesnt matter either way, backspin or not...when i first started freestyling i juggled with backspin, after a few months i started juggling with no spin at all - after a knee injury the backspin came back, but its gone again and now im juggling without spin at all [unless im wearing school shoes]

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When I first started trying to juggle and in my beginnings of freestyle I used to juggle with backspin and that was how I first learned how to juggle. However, as I advanced in freestyle I started developing the technique of juggling without spin (which is the way I juggle now). For freestyle, juggling without backspin is more beneficial in my opinion as it is easier to pull of tricks and combos without the backspin interfering. Many top freestylers juggle without spin probably for the same reason. However the way that freestylers juggle without backspin is different from the way everyone else has said here. Instead of using the instep, you use the top of your toes. With the toes you hit the ball in the middle and therefore creating no spin. There is also an ankle movement, that is hard to explain but you kind of meet the ball. If you need help with the technique, just watch some videos of Palle juggling.

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I would say learn to juggle both ways. Because in a game your never going to control a perfect, no spin ball, get used to the spin when you juggle the ball, also, once you get really good at juggling, experiment with making the ball spin faster and slower, it feels really cool for you to realize you have absolute control over the ball. But make sure you get used to using your instep to juggle, that will help you with various other techniques in soccer, like vollying, etc.

Cheers, hope this helps.
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My coach prefers juggling with absolute no spin, and should be at waist height after every touch. I don't really like doing it with no spin, and espically getting it to my waist everytime.

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It doesn't matter, it's all the same to me.
You shouldn't worry about such little things and just get on with trying to master your juggling skill.

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