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for as long as i can remember, ive been playing mostly on the right flank wheather it be defensive or offensive. I usually star as an outside right midfeilder but at times i will be placed as a right side defender. im not entirely sure of what kind of boots i should get. one thing is for sure, im not going to be getting any synthetic boots for they give me blisters like mad.

bottom line is, what kind of leather boots would be good for a player playing both in defense, and midfeild?

thanks 8)

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Go for either Legends or adiPUREs. I personally prefer Legends because I have a wide foot and adiPUREs are narrower. adiPUREs are lighter though, so they may better suit running than Legends. There are also Lotto Leggendas, which are basically leather Vapors, which you should look into. I'd advise trying on all of the boots if possible so you can judge for yourself.
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go for preds or leather lasers!!
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puma v108s are lighter than both adiPURES and vapors - and are foot shaped rather than being too narrow, so are actually comfortable

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Id say preds or adipures.

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