ATW magnetism

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ATW magnetism

Post by Movimiendo » 27 May 2008, 23:18

I'm going to explain this as simply as possible so, let me know if you understand me.

When I do atw inside and out from juggling, sometimes I strike the ball, and as I'm attempting to swing my foot around the ball, it just "sticks" to my foot, like an unintentional air akka, except it just hugs my foot as it goes up. it's really annoying. Like a magnet. :(

Any suggestions or has anyone had this happen to them:?:

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Post by matt_a » 28 May 2008, 08:09

this happens to everyone - it means your not swinging around enough i reckon - try hitting it with a bit more spin

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Post by anhkhoashevakt » 28 May 2008, 19:31

Yeah! This happen to me ALOT when I first learn the trick.
Just try to do it again and again and again and finally you'll have consistency at it!

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Post by Sputnik » 28 May 2008, 21:37

ooooooooooh yeh :? i remember that... and i just forgot about it. i guess youre trying to go over the ball too fast. your hitting it one way and coming over too early, so you bring the ball back the other way. just give the ball more space.
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Post by Movimiendo » 30 May 2008, 20:42

Thank you soooo much guys. I'll try what you said for a few weeks. I hope it clears up soon.

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