shin pads: ankle protection or not?

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shin pads: ankle protection or not?

Post by Guest » 20 Feb 2005, 13:18

how much protection do shin pads with the ankle protection parts actually offer?

i mean most pros usually don't have them, and only have the shin parts.

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Post by madridfc » 20 Feb 2005, 14:45

i think that they do help somewhat, but, to be honest, i don't like them partly because they get in the way, and partly because they look stupid :D (i know, bad reason not to wear them, but oh well)

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Post by captain_mostafa » 20 Feb 2005, 16:03

i think the ankle protection is also good. they do help somtimes. its not that strong, but better than nothing. the more protectuin the safer u are. :wink:

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Post by cfrealmadrid » 20 Feb 2005, 19:04

yeah, it is better than nothing, but they feel awkward. and they won't save you from a broken ankle. i know from experience :)

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Post by captain_mostafa » 20 Feb 2005, 19:27

exactly cfrealmadrid, it wont prevent from braking ur ankle. i was waring it in the game last wed, but my ankle got broke. thry should make it more stronger. :cry:

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Post by soccer11 » 27 Feb 2005, 20:18

i find that when im a foward the defenders kick your ankles. I used to play without ankle protectors but after the game, you could see the scrapes from where they kicked me. I got mad so i switched to wearing the ankle protectors. Although it's true they wont protect you from a broken ankle or another injury like a sprain, it will protect you from getting kicked at.

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Post by fir_nev » 10 Mar 2005, 15:17

Forwards should have them. I used to go for their ankles too.... It was nasty. Try seasoning them so they won't feel awkward, ya!

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Post by cfrealmadrid » 11 Mar 2005, 02:24

if you switch to them all of a sudden, after a long time without any thing on your ankles, they feel awkward. they do help a little though. as a forward i definitely try to get shinguards with ankle protection. it depends on your preference.

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Post by erivera » 11 Mar 2005, 02:31

i use to always use the ankle protectors and the bulky shinguards. Recently i have changed from the full protection ones to the Nike Lite guards. They are like only 7" long but they pass the ref test and when you have them on with a pair of sleeves and vapors. You feel lighter than air To some extent though. Now i dont feel as protected and my ankles feel so bare.

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Post by dooglas » 31 Mar 2005, 07:05

i liek ankle protection only because i dont like calf sleeves and tape. its all about prefereance. i got those shiny blue nike ones.
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Post by Guest » 03 Apr 2005, 01:54

if you're a defender then wearing ankle guards is almost useless, but if you're an attacker then they can protect your ankles when defenders kick you in the ankles

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Post by selly » 26 Oct 2005, 20:15

i think that anle protection on shing gaurds is a good thing. even though it wont save you from a serious injury like a break the protection does guard against small impacts. because i play forward defenders are always kicking at me and i used to get sore ankles and loads of bruises but when i switched to F50+ shinguards with ankle protection that all went away. so i would say yes..go for ankle protection.

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Post by *~El Maestro~* » 27 Oct 2005, 16:14

i used to wear them but after breaking my foot i decided that they dont help that much. now i wear lightere ones. but since i still want to protect my ankles i have a question. how much does padding your ankles with folded socks, and how much does tape help for protection?? does anyone use tape??

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Post by soccerlocker » 31 Oct 2005, 21:44

i cut off the ankle protection off of mine because u nned to put the chin pad over ur sock and cant take it off after practice also i put the chin pad when i get to practice

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Post by AHull » 09 Jan 2006, 16:21

I play midfield so to some extent I get kicked but not enough to make want to wear bulky shinguards. I have a pair of nikes that are seven inches and I love them. I used to wear bulky shinguards when I first started playing and after I moved to the smaller slip ins I felt like I was no much more free and even had a better touch, my legs felt like lighter, handling the ball was alot eaiser ect. It may be all mental but I like smaller guards better than anything else I've worn.
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