A pro who didnt even start for high school

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http://www.mlsnet.com/MLS/news/mls_news ... &fext=.jsp

i was really surprised when i read this b/c Ralston is now starting for the Nationa team :o

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interesting indeed... :?
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I love articles about any late developer and a youth underdog.

I see myself as a late developer so all these articles boost my confidence, makes me wanna try harder and also it's great seeing late developing compatriot elders just like me.

These are the best possible role models for me.

I aspire one day to be just like them, or achieve even something more.

I didn't start on my high school team in my freshman year, although now I'm a regular starter in a different school (much stronger team than my old school) and more importantly, I'm going to transfer to a new club and hope to do well there.

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