Should the CAN be moved to the summer?

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Should the CAN be moved to the summer?

Post by *~El Maestro~* » 30 Dec 2005, 02:36

Do you think the CAN should be in summer? not this summer becuase of the world cup but should the time table have been changed up a little bit? I am asking this because several clubs will suffer during january. many clubs have several african players who are leaving. a few are: marseille- with playes from ivory coast, senegal, and others. bolton- senegalese players, nigerian player, and a tunisian or two. lens- the side with the most african players in france. and chelsea has drogba and essien who will be gone. Many other clubs will lose players. like fulham losing their importnat player bouba diop. or wigan losing henry who has scored 8 times this year. metz is also complaining alot because they have senegalese and togolese players.

this will cause problems for some clubs. so should the can be moved to the summer like the euro, confed cup, and world cup are?

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Post by cfrealmadrid » 30 Dec 2005, 03:15

i think it woud definitely be a good idea to switch the dates. doesn't matter when, just as long as they do it. i could go into so much detail on why, but i think the words "world cup" sumarize it.
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Post by ratherton » 18 Jan 2008, 11:11

Fatty Blatter was banging on about moving this tournament.

The problem is, June in Africa, isn't a great time to play football unless you want to play in Cape Town.

An additional problem with moving it to June is that every other tournament will clash with the World Cup Finals so they'd also have to change the years too (although that isn't a major problem - it happen with the Ryder Cup after 9/11).

As for clubs - if they sign African players, they should be aware they will be likely to play in this tournament so its a stupid arguement.

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