Remember my crossover problems?

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Toe Bounce
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Remember my crossover problems?

Post by Toe Bounce » 28 Jun 2005, 00:10

I'm over them. I did five perfect ones today!

I know all you guys got crossovers down ages ago, but that doesn't mean you can't congratulate me, right?


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Post by *yung-ital* » 28 Jun 2005, 01:03

good job..ive never had a problem with crossovers i always thought they were the most simple.. but everyone is different good job kid :D
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Post by AC_Milan>* » 28 Jun 2005, 02:00

Ummm, congratulations I guess :wink:

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Post by Ricey » 28 Jun 2005, 07:31

OH MY GOSH! Congratulations!!!!
5 perfect? WOW that's great for you!!! Well done!
Keep up the good work!!!

- Ricey
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Post by frizzyan » 28 Jun 2005, 08:45

Well done. Challenge yourself to 10, 15 and so on.

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Post by upandcoming » 28 Jun 2005, 14:01

5 in a row as in cross, cross, cross, cross, cross or just cross keep ups cross ect.

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Post by Ronaldinho10 » 28 Jun 2005, 15:42

Well played toe bounce :D :D
Without doubt.
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Post by Maradona » 28 Jun 2005, 17:55

That's good, I can't even keepy up more than 10 and whenever I try to control with my left the ball goes the wrong direction.
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Toe Bounce
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Post by Toe Bounce » 29 Jun 2005, 17:44

oh crap! I posted this in the wrong forum!

sorry guys, this is freestyle stuff.

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Post by prosoc10 » 22 Jul 2005, 15:01

Hey ,

wow five fast crossovers????? omg thats so awsome. i can do it but not really fast and effective... can't really trick my friend while practice... any suggestion on how to improve.... other than more practice.


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