Real Madrid... too many stars?

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real madrid is still second only behind by 6 i dont see your point, what they need is a new coach.
Wow, he just megged three people, maradonas around the last defender, and missed the shot, then not five minutes later a guy on the other team shoots when he gets the ball and scores...

who would you rather be?

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They are amazing when the whole team is on, not only zidane dribbling through players if they all play at the same level they are unstoppable and i agree they need a new coach and if they want to win anything they have to play as a team like they played vs Barcelona and vs Man Utd Seasons ago
To be at the top you have to have a competitive streak in u. If ur not performing youve got to be angry with urself....

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I am a big real madrid's fan. Having figo and beckham in the field isn't right. have to choose between one of them beasue they play in the same position. Besides what real needs aren't strikers. They need to be worried about the back.

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Real needs team players, not a bunch of individual superstars.

And their defence is nonexistent at times.

They need better defenders.. haha we'll see how Woodgate does.

Walter Samuel is extremely dissappointing.

I guess Real's dynasty is over. All of them are too old (zizzou, raul, figo, carlos), Becks is a bit inconsistent and Ronaldo only gives a shite about the world cup. Owen's future is always on the bubble so what more?

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