freestyling progress

Talk about soccer freestyle tricks and moves
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freestyling progress

Post by *yung-ital* » 21 Jun 2005, 05:24

I practice freestyling for soooo long. like i wake up at 9 then practice to 12. take an hour break and then go back out for i dunno how long.
but i never seem to make any progress. i keep trying atw combos and i get them like once every 30 times that i try it maybe. and i keep being patient. and i still cant get the moves. i wonder if this is mental or physical or i need to perfect the basicis a bit more.
any thoughts? :cry:
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Post by *yung-ital* » 21 Jun 2005, 05:26

andn by the way, i used to be able to do the move all the time. its not making sense. and i even tried doing basics first then starting and its still not helping
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Post by dooglas » 21 Jun 2005, 07:02

take a break.
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Post by Adizeta » 28 Jun 2005, 13:47

dooglas wrote:take a break.
Yea u should take one

u could be overworking urself sleep on it and do something else besides freestyleing for a day or two then go back

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Post by upandcoming » 28 Jun 2005, 13:56

i am a good freestyler and i dont push my self its better to do short sessions all the time then a long session i will say freestyle for a half hour in the morning then go out and play football for a hour or 2 then go home eat take a break then go freestyle for a half hour or something but the big thing is to always have a ball and practise where ever you are like on sunday i even brought a change of clothes and a ball and freestyled after church lol

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Post by Toe Bounce » 29 Jun 2005, 04:19

I know what you day I woke up, and for the life of me, I couldn't even ATW.

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Post by soccer11 » 30 Jun 2005, 01:14

i agree with everyone else, just take a break for a while, maybe even visualize what you want to do, but just take a break form actually being outside and trying to do tricks.

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Post by AC_Milan>* » 01 Jul 2005, 17:24

Just hang around thew house for a day, and go out tomorrow and give it a shot.

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Post by laurynas21 » 15 Jul 2005, 18:05

Yep,take a one day brake and you will see your progress.
The same was to me, I practiced and practiced every day from early morning till a late night then I took some break and when I came back my progress was amazing :)
What size ball are you practicing with?
I always practice with a ball size "1". If you learn to control small ball you won't have problems controlling bigger ones 8)

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