Help on Crossover

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Help on Crossover

Post by bmfgeorgin2 » 30 Aug 2007, 20:33

Ok, so i can bounce the ball on the ground do a cross over and CANT keep juggling.

Thats about it. With I Try to do it while juggling i cant get my foot around fast enough and loose balence. Can someone give me a step by step (doesnt have to be a video) on how to do a cross-over that covers everything from how high to juggle to how Large you crossover circle should be.

Ill post a video soon.


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Post by barcahooligan » 30 Aug 2007, 21:40

Here you go:viewtopic.php?t=3544, this should help you out. Good luck.
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Post by JonathonHehuFS » 11 Sep 2007, 01:07

kick the ball up to thigh height then go over dont put spin on the ball...just practice really :wink:
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