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Does anybody know anything about what a professional teams Fitness test consist of? Or even a college squad? Like what does a player have to be capable of in order to be deamed fit

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Why do you want to know?
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For the simple reason of seeing where my fitness stands, and what kind of Fitness they work on at that level

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Wouldn't the term "Fit" be determined by like the Presidential Fitness Test or something like that?
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Just to throw some things out there:
- Be able to keep a 6-7 minute mile consistently for a few miles (3-4)
- Run 40m in less than 6-6.2 seconds
- Mix 75% jogging and 25% sprinting for 2-3 miles
- Mix 50% sprinting and 50% jogging for 1-2 miles

That's just some random stuff to aim for. The term "fit" depends on a) your position, b) level of competition, and c) amount of playing time. Not saying that if you don't play much you should train less on fitness than someone who does, but you can easily be fit to play the last 20-30 minutes whereas being fit for a whole game is a totally different story.

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At Bucknell University all the players have to run 2 miles in under 11 minutes on the first day of preseason. If a player fails he has to wake up every morning before everyone else for fitness work until he makes it.

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