Marchs Award

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Marchs Award

Post by mint » 31 Mar 2010, 08:50

Ok this is to find out who the poster of the month for March is.

To nominate someone post your nomination in this thread or if you wish to remain anonymous pm me your nomination. When weve got a few nominations i will turn this into a poll so you can vote.

You cant nominate BSC because he was last months winner, soccer11 or expert.

There is no prize as such but to know your the best poster of the month above all other members is good enough i think.
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Post by NewBornProdigy » 31 Mar 2010, 17:24

I vote bsc, soccer11 and expert

haha ok seriously, pickyourheadup

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Post by panchester07 » 31 Mar 2010, 23:35

I vote for Evan to make him feel better after Real lost

I also vote for Jason Wilkshire
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Post by Anymi » 02 Apr 2010, 00:07

panchester07 wrote:I vote for Evan to make him feel better after Real lost

I also vote for Jason Wilkshire
Haha was that actually his name?

Ive been fairly absent this month....but PYHU has had some good'ns.

I vote him :D

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Post by bsc » 04 Apr 2010, 00:41

I think for some reason Panchester calls Scottyboy Jason Wilkshire ... I don't know why :shock:

I'd like to also nominate Evan. He's made some nice contributions.
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