Idea Of The Year 2009

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Who Had The Best Idea

Poll ended at 25 Jan 2010, 21:28

mint and his Hotpants........... I mean Hotseat
NewBornProdigy and the EFM team for the EFM
scottSA for his Fun Activites Threads
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Idea Of The Year 2009

Post by NewBornProdigy » 11 Jan 2010, 21:28

Vote for the best Idea

7 - mint
6 - NewBornProdigy
2 - scottSA

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Post by panchester07 » 11 Jan 2010, 22:07

I vote for NBP, the magazine was pretty awesome while it lasted
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Post by bsc » 12 Jan 2010, 01:54

I vote NBP. EFM was klassiq! (the cool way of spelling classic)
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Post by mint » 12 Jan 2010, 02:00

u love my hotpants :wink:
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Post by Rome_Leader » 12 Jan 2010, 02:15

I like mint's idea, and it definitely has future potential, but you can't deny the hours of work NBP and others put into the EFM. It was fantastic while it lasted. It's got my vote.

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Post by pickyourheadup » 13 Jan 2010, 01:06

NBP's EF Mag. Hopefully he can keep it running! (If I could vote for two people I'd vote for you as well Mint :wink: )
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