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Most Entertaining/Funniest Member 2008

Posted: 04 Feb 2009, 00:31
by chicagofirefan
Here we will vote for The Most Entertaining/ Funniest Member of the Year. If you are nominated, please do not vote for yourself. Good luck to Everyone! Voting will end on the the 17th (its a Tuesday, 2 weeks to vote.)

Most Entertaning/Funniest Nominees:

1. Ratherton
2. ScottyBoy
3. Rzadinski
4. Chicagofirefan

Posted: 04 Feb 2009, 01:15
by Rome_Leader

Ahh well. Ratherton is my pick here. I like his humor the best.

Posted: 04 Feb 2009, 10:03
by keller8
What? Where am I? lol.....

Ratherton gets my vote.

Posted: 06 Feb 2009, 19:10
by NewBornProdigy
I'm just after reading the '50 worst things about modern football thread'... ratherton you get my vote

Posted: 18 Feb 2009, 21:18
by chicagofirefan
Ratherton OWNED!!! FUNNY MAN!!