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Sig Maker of 2008

Posted: 04 Feb 2009, 00:14
by chicagofirefan
Here we will vote for The Sig-Maker of the year. If you are nominated, please do not vote for yourself. Good luck to Everyone! Voting will end on the the 17th (its a Tuesday, 2 weeks to vote.)

Sig Maker Nominees:

1. Had2BHarry
2. Xilog
3. Keller8

Posted: 04 Feb 2009, 09:55
by keller8
OMG I got nominated.

Posted: 04 Feb 2009, 15:53
by fawad000
I will go for Xilog because he made me a pretty cool kaka sig. :D

Posted: 18 Feb 2009, 21:11
by chicagofirefan
Well its over.. The winner of the 2008 Sig Maker of the Year award is...

Had2BHarry!!! Your Awesome!!!