What makes a good team?

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Whether or not playing competitively or just for fun with old friends, what do you think are the key elements for playing good football?

I would say (in no particular order of importance):
1. Having 2-3 people who know each other's games inside-out.
2. Moving the ball around constantly.
3. Using "time-honoured" sequences like one-twos, pass-and-move, etc.
4. Playing for the sheer fun of the game!

Any suggestions?

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Yeah i think a good team has a whole team of players who bond together, who have chemistry and can produce magical plays and goals because they know each one's every move and tactic. :)
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Yup... chemistry and understanding of Ur teammates' styles.

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I suppose when you play competitively, it's also important to fight (sometimes literally) for your team-mates so that no one gets bullied or roughed up, eh?

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The understanding between players
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good understanding between players, and not only in game, but also in dressing room! great captain that is ready to die for everyone and he has to be respected by everyone (that is why i am not captain- i make jokes with everyone)! playing cool!

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What makes a good team? I'd say a group of players where each one is a specialist in one particular area of the game. This way each player can do his job without interfering with his teammates.

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I think that a great team is understanding eachother. Knowing where your teamates will be on the field, and getting along with everyone and always having fun playing together weather its in training or in a game.

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Having players who are willing to sweat blood for each other.

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gd chemistry between players is important. u need to have people who are willing to stick to their positions - its so annoying when people who said they would defend come up into the area and then not make an effort to get back.

a gd team must have
1)a strong captain
2)people who can create chances
3)people who can take them
4)a strong defence that is aware of each others positions
5)a reliable goalie who can back the defence up
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