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ya my high school team is not going to be as it was few years back due to seniors leaving and we have a tremendous striker but the team needs a center mid wat can i do to become a center mid instead of a striker to help my team out

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my tips, work on ball control and dribbling a good amount but not as much as you would as a striker. You want to have good control in any position but as a CM you want to be confident on the ball so that you wont give it away in midfield. Trust me if you keep posession in the midfield it is a sure win so make sure you arent nervous on the ball.

You need to have great fitness as you will be running up to attack and back to defend a lot. Make sure you can sprint if you need to come back quickly. Also go for long jogs to work on your fitness. Trust me you cant get fit enough for football or for playing CM. Look at it this way, if you can run the whole game and other players cant then you can snatch goals late with your pace. Also if you can run all game then it saves your coach a sub which will be very useful. Thats is you dont have unlimited subs.

Most importantly of all you need to have great passing because that what you need most. Be able to play the easy passes and be able to drive it long to help out your teammates and make their life easier.

To be a good CM you need to be an all rounded player, a good leader and a great team player. So work on every aspect of the game except goalie. Yes even defending. Watch lots of clips of people like scholes, carrick, beckham, gerrard and other CMs and you will learn a lot. Study the game and you will be the best you can be.

Hope this helped and as you can see i also play CM.

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[color=red] To be an awesome centre midfielder u should have the ability to command for the ball and always try to get ur self involved in the play and try to set up ur forwards with midblowing through balls... stunning long range shots and sharp field is not neccesary that u score goals for ur team but playing a key role is important... eg:arsenals centre midfielder cesc fabregas does not score goals but is one of the best player arsenal had ever had.. he sets up the forwards with his amazing vision and then gets a through ball pass the defenders...u should not only help the fperwards but also give a little concentration on ur defensive skills so that u can give support to the goalkeeper.[color=red][/color]
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Our coach always tells our center midfielder to always keep his eyes open for plays that he should be able to make. I have had the privilige in playing center mid and let me tell you it's not an easy job. I had to keep moving and passing all the time. but it feels great when you give a a pass that turns into a goal!

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