3-5-2 Striker runs?

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We've got a new coach at my school this year and he has us playing a 3-5-2 with lots of overlap passes. He says that my runs are to vertical and he want diagonal runs, I can't figure out when would a good time to make a diagonal run and where exactly to run.
Is it to the other side of the field ahead of the midfielders to set up for a cross or is it more towards the goal for better scoring position?

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What is your position?

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He is a striker. Its in the topic title :D

Tomorrow I will give you some run examples, but I have to go finish off an essay. Wish me luck :(

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what u should do is make a diagonal run towards the center of the pitch to pull out the defense from the sides... leaving the winger a clear run up to cross it in for u to score

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