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Someone explain the formations to me like the 443 or 332 and how do you know which are which?

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Well, you cant play 443 and 332 as you said cos then you will either have too many players or to few on the pitch, so it must be 433 and 442, if thats what you meant to write...

In a 433 formation you play with 4 defenders (2 being centrebacks and 2 fullbacks - usually), 3 midfielders and 3 strikers. The strikers can work as wingers and attacking midfielders too and the midfielders can work as wingers and attacking/defensive midfielders. All depending on how the coach wants the team to play.

In a 442 formation you play with 4 defenders (2 centrebacks and 2 fullbacks - usually), 4 midfielders and 2 strikers. A classic version of this formation is to use one of the central midfielders as a defensive midfielder and the other as an attacking midfielder. The 2 other midfielders on the left and right side plays as wingers. Up front the 2 strikers work together. One of them can be used as a target man for the other players while the other runs around and makes open space for the others while still trying to score goals himself.

This is just a basic explanation with some examples of these formations. But as you probably know, they can be tweaked to whatever you want.
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Teams that feature the 4-3-3 formation include Barcelona and the national team of Holland, and the 4-4-2 can be seen with teams like Arsenal and Feyenoord, u might want to check them out if you want a clearer picture of how things work.

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A couple sample fomations

4-3-3 (Lyon)


4-4-2 (AC Milan)


By the positioning of the players during games you know what the team is playing, although it can be a little vague. A 4-5-1 could easily be a 4-3-3 with a slight difference in how a couple players play.

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