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Ive played a few games with my team, and it seems we need a leader on the field. Because the age difference is so wide (12-18 years old), people barely communicate and often the same people get the ball. But I have finally decided to step up to the challenge, since i'm the only one giving advice to my fellow teammates when they have trouble with something , i feel they started to respect me and my descisions on the field and my tips i give to them since they listen carefully and actually try some advice i gave them.

Does anyone have any more advice on what to do to help lead my team?

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well first, it's great that you stepped up. if you watch a lot of pro games, most good teams have an easily distinguishable leader on the field, so your team will be much better for it, i'm sure. for the most part, just continue giving people advice. don't be afraid to criticize someone if they're wrong though. be authoritative, but don't come across as an ass. perhaps most importantly though, lead by example. hope this helps.
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