most usefull tricks for central midfielders

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Ok so now that I play in the central midfield I'd like to know what are the most usefull trick for midfielders.

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turning when receiving the ball from the defense, and not losing the ball when you turn

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i guess it would be any move to make room to get a good chip to the fowards or if your up enogh then just beat a defender but what i do is just very sharp turns in the opposite direction and trying not to get triped up.

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i think its dribbling and passing all centermidfielders are skillfull

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I would definetly say turning when recieving the ball and being aware of whats around you. You should almost already know what your going to do before you even get the ball at your feet. Having excellent ball control and being able to turn in any direction around you to lay the ball off to your teamates.

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vision of the game,
knowing the whereabouts of your teammates and opponents,
being able to pass the ball immediatly; without losing time controling the ball,
being able to see where there is an unmarked teammate or where an attacker is making a run to, then pass there

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When you are recieving the ball, learn how to come to the ball and fake going one way while going the other. This is a great skill that doesnt require technical ability, just knowing how to use your body. Once you get into the habit it's easy, and it's great for creating space in a cramped midfield.
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watch zinedine zidane's clips or compilations.

he does roulettes. i call them maradonas.

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x2reme21 wrote:trick!!!

watch zinedine zidane's clips or compilations.

he does roulettes. i call them maradonas.
Yeh Zidane has mastered this trick and uses it all the time - it takes you out of cramped situations and is a really good turn to use :D
I think it is also known as the Maradona or the marseille roulette.
But it is a class skill whatever you want to call it :D

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unlike wingers, I believe the most effective tricks center mids could use is fake a pass, shot and then dribble into open space.

with this said, providing you're a good passer and shooter to begin with, if not, you should work on those first before even thinking about doing tricks as a center mid.

once you've mastered passing and shooting, pop in a 360 here and there and be able to inside/outside turn left and right at high and low speeds.

there's no point doing stepovers you're not going to win fans by doing stepovers as a center mid.

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