Right wing vs left wing?

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I am really fast and make a good winger. The problem is my inability to use my left foot. I know, I am working at least an hour a day on it. Right now my left foot is so bad, I can't cross or shoot with it (i can cut inside but its really ineffective) However my right foot is quite good. Traditionally I've been playing right wing so i can run down the sides and cross it in. I was wondering if it might be better to start playing left wing instead? This is so I can cut in and shoot much more effectively. However, my crossing is slower. But my logic is that I can just turn in when i want to cross and use my right foot (ik its slower but at least i can still use it)...what do other people think?

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Growing up This was probably one of my biggest dilemmas as a young player as I used to play wing quite often. My suggestion if you intend on staying on the wing (it is probably the funnest position once you get the hang of it imho) is to just continue to work on it. The more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in battle. If you find yourself on the right wing continue to do what you do and get your crosses in. On the left side it might be a better idea to start crossing from the edge of the box. Use your speed and agility to get into the tight spots where defenders start to feel anxious but never forget your duty to deliver the ball into the middle whether its on a cut in or a cross. As you continue to practice your left foot will definitely get stronger and be able to whip it in from just about anywhere reasonable as long as you can visualize the day.

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You've already have the pace and experience as a right winger.

You can apply the same principles being a left winger, time your runs and produce crosses. If you can produce crosses into danger areas or cut-backs with your left. Then it should be fine.

And you should explore being a left winger and start practicing your left foot. You'll be invaluable to coaches as they have more options to set-up their tactics.

All the best. :D

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