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this is just a quick sum up of Jay Demerit, USA international that played during the world cup and now plays in the MLS for vancouver whitecaps. This is his story.

"No teams in MLS wanted him. With a bit of loose change in his backpack he arrives in england, hungers down at a friends parents house where he sleeps on a matress in the attic and gets a game at a low league non league club on 40 pounds a week.
Unable to buy a car he gets lifts to games in the back of his coaches van. At the end of the first season his club goes out of business. He's 24 years old with no club and no money, and apparently no chance. Two years later hes playing in front of 65 thousand fans in the worlds most lucrative club game where he scores and is named the man of the match, the following year he for fills his dreams of playing in the premiere league and another couple years down the line hes a main stay international at the world cup"

This is proof and inspiring to me, i feel like so many people these days say at 18 or 19 hell even 20, "Im to old now, i have no chance anymore" Thats not what jay demerit thought, turning pro at 24 years old just shows you anything is possible. And here are a few words from Jay Demerit about his advice at becoming a pro.

"People think that you have to be apart of the system, because if you didnt play for your state team when you were 12 or 13 years old, that you cant go and play college soccer or you cant go play pro, or you cant go do this or that because your coach when you were 19 said that you might not make it, alot of people think thats the case. But its not. For me its about spreading that message and believing in that capability of happening. I guess thats maybe what the fights about, trying to believe in yourself first and for most, and when you do that you dont really have to listen all the time to people. Of course you have to be receptive to your coaches and what people say to you, but if you improve those slight little uh problems that you might have through out your development, it doesnt mean that you cant get to the top. I guess that would be the main advice for sure.

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This is very Inspiriing Story it give me the hope that you shouldn't give up till you given your best and achieve ur goal. Thank you Collin for posting this incredible story:P

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