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Through life you will search for many things, you will have an image of what you want to be... And you will alter your life in order to fit that image... That image is a by product of your passion

People manifest and grow passions, they let them carry their imagination... But often people let them fade away into imagination, too often people let the dream go, feeling as they grow, that they just can't hold on

Realistically, this is sometimes due to a realigned perspective

But, too much, it is people settling for less
Settling for ease over initiative

What your searching for, your oddessy; is your identity, your ability to differ yourself from that which you consider status quo... An ideal of yourself that qualifies your uniqueness, or satisfies your ideology

What I have learned is; To know what your looking for, you must be liberated from our modern tragedy of over-indulgence, set apart from media segregation and the guided lifestyle of market industry

You must have no deluded desires, no glamourous imprints of who we should be (Ronaldo, Henry, Messi?) and instead understand that your are not special, until you understand who you are, what your calling is... and just run with it

Leave everything behind, succumb to the enamor of your imagination and fufil that image, that image the you have havested yourself, not that one incepted by a celebrity culture ideal

People seem so afraid of that brash, risky and edgy desire to gain spiritual emancipation by sacrificing everything... Setting down the laptop, the x-box, eating right, stop drinking, learning to drive, getting a job, quit smoking... They feel they are comfortable in their unsatified situations, where their life is easy but their soul is hollow

If anything is worth doing, It's worth doing right this second

So I can only promise you, that if your follow your purity of impulse and just let go of your plans and run with your dreams, someday your might step into your imagination

The tragedy of having something to hold on to, is that you have to let go of freedom

So free yourself, and let go of all that which you keep holding, until you realise whats truly worth holding onto

If I could... I would :wink:

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inspirational. sick post

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fu**ing epic, especially since NBP hasn't been around for a while! He was clearly working on this, and touring monasteries in his native Nepal!

I always love a good Mentality article, and NBP produces the best! Read up and free yourself of the shackles of hesitation, everyone!

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