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hey EF guys i need some help. My football has been pretty good lately, but my season starts in 3 weeks, and at the moment i am caught up in a bunch of things. My first problem is positions, you guys all know my strengths and weaknesses and also know that i am stuck between outside mid and center mid.
I have a wierd set of qualitys for each position, but at the same time i don't have the mastered qualities that some people do to say "oh, he can only play that position, because he has all the qualities for it" For me some reason i have an even amount of pro's and cons for each position, which is quite frustrating to me. I really just want to play a position, master a position, and be the best in the world in that position, i don't want to keep moving around places. It's very frustrating for me. What should i do guys? i know some of you are thinking to train the qualities for a certain position, but there is only so much you can do athletic wise and what i was born with you know. I just need some help on that one.

Another frustrating thing right now is skills. At the moment i feel like i am caught up in a skills problem. I feel like i am good at like 5+ skills, but for some reason i can never lower down the amount of skills like pick 3 and master them. Because i am always contemplating about things, and again seconds guessing everything. To be honest the only true skills that come natural to me are my futsal skills i do in my garage, and unfortunately you cant really convert all of those to grass because its a whole new game. And at some points i feel like i can't just stick to cuts, i feel like i need something more.

In the end guys, i just want to train, do my drills, play footy games and enjoy every minute of it like a normal human being, and not have to constantly have these things on my mind. That's really all

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Find the position that your most comfortable with and just play it! Don't care what other people say about you or anything, play the position that you love to play! Best advice anyone can give you. I play outside wings and sometimes forward if I have to. And I play outside mid/winger because it is the position i feel most comftorable with! Find a comfortable position and Just Do It

And why master only 3 moves when you can be good at all of them? I have taken this into perspective and have become twice the player that I was. I've been looking at Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Alexis Sanchez, etc. on youtube and i've studied what they do and when i see a skill, i practice it till i've almost mastered it. (I also dribble around house all the time with a size 1 ball which has developed some of my skills but thats a different story) I've practiced my stepovers, cuts, nutmegs, sole rolls, etc. and let me tell you in practice im on fire. My one touch and two touch play, dribbling, and shooting (though i want my shooting accuracy to improve) has been fantastic. But what differentiates me from the others is my creativity doing a stepover one moment or cutting the next and laying off deadly passes (and i play in a league that plays against the top teams in the country) My coach even recommended me to start getting trials for different pro youth teams in Europe or even in South America (where 4 clubs wanted me to come back to). Just learn as much as you can and try to become really well in every aspect. DONT limit yourself to one or two moves, trust me you will become twice the player. And if your going to argue with Messi only uses one or two moves and he takes on players, please dont use that argument. Messi is Messi and he is out of this world. We can not compare ourselves with him, we are our own person and we got to do the best with the abilities we have

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You should be able to play numerous positions and shine in each one if you want to be the best, that's what will get you noticed and then the proffesional coaches will know better than even yourself where you play.

Gareth Bale was signed as a striker, he's now a left back, and vice versa for Kevin Phillips who has had a career as one of the most prollific english goalscoeres ever (only english man to win european golden boot)

So basically, you should learn a range of positions and obviously find one to master, but if you a versatile and can shine in numerous positions that would be bettter.

At trials you usually don't get to play in your natural position as well.

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Don't think about your strengths and weaknesses relative to just one position. Look at them as a whole. It doesn't matter where you play on the park, dont think that just because you're a striker then you dont have to work on your defending. Similarly, dont think that just because you're a defender that you shouldnt be working on getting the ball forward. We all know in the modern game that a fullback who can defend, as well as get the ball forward and turn defence into attack is extremely valuable, which wouldnt happen if the only thing defenders practised was defending. Forget about the position you have to play, and think about what you can and cant do, perfect what you can do and work on what you cant. (hopefully this makes sense....)

It seems to me collin, that every time your coach asks you to play a different role, you flip out and think that you need to perfect that role, and then wonder which role you should be dedicating all your time to. Honestly mate, just play the game and do your best. In the modern game theres not that much difference between the positions anymore. Coaches value versatility and mobility, especially in Europe where the game is so fast and free flowing, so don't feel so conflicted if you're asked to play a different position.
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