What position suits me? :)

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Post by amierulaiziq » 12 Jul 2011, 10:41

juz a between high school tournament. but somedays i gonna get into my neighbourhood club. here's some new info , . . . i love to take a look in my form after every game.

im kinda great in communication , . . . i spot open people easily n send orders to close them down. besides that , i've gotten quite good in lay off pass , one twos n dribbling. some of my friend told me that my strong points are my passing and one twos.

i like to play up front as a forward but my coach always put me in the defensive job although im the weakest tackler on the team.

i also good in setting up a counter attack. another one of my specialties.
u think the coach desicion is good enough? i want to hear others opinion too.

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Post by collin » 12 Jul 2011, 14:07

i think you could be a good defensive mid. You say you are very good at communicating, and defensive mid is a perfect position for that, because you can see all of the attack in front of you. I would say center back but you said your weak at tackling. However, there are some defensive mids who are small and not very good at tackling (Ever Banega Argentina national team) But as a defensive mid you need to be good at passing also so this position suites you perfect. Try and bulk up a bit if possible and work on your tackling skills and youll be great

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Post by amierulaiziq » 15 Jul 2011, 05:26

thanks a lot , . . . :)

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Post by mr_dude » 18 Jul 2011, 06:09

I caught a quote that interests me:
level? im still a student. im 16. center forward? but i dont have the speed for that position. im tall and good in positioning but have a moderate speed. you think im up for that position?
Anyone who tells you that you can't be a centre-forward if you're not fast is wrong. Of course being fast helps, being fast is useful no matter what you play, but you can become a very successful centre-forward without it. To this day, Pippo Inzaghi will score against any defence in the world and he can barely go faster than jogging speed, but his positioning is genius.

Anyway, you seem like a good all-round player, try a number of positions, I'm sure you'll be successful at most of them. I would either say centre-forward or centre-mid, and since I believe centre-forward is the easiest position in the sport (yeah, I said it :P), I'll recommend centre-midfield for the challenge it provides.
Even in defensive midfield, you could do a lot of the same stuff you would in attacking positions. Keep moving the ball around patiently, then pass it down the wings, wait a few seconds and run into the penalty area. I guarantee you'll get goal-scoring chances if you do this. Of course, you have to pick your moments, you can't leave your position whenever. Make sure there won't be a threat to your defence, if there isn't then feel free to make a late run forward.
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