Turf vs Grass?

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Turf vs Grass?

Post by collin » 20 Jun 2011, 18:24

am i the only one that feels like a different player depending on the type of field i play on. When i play on grass i feel slower with my movements and dribbling for some reason. But when i play on turf its like a whole new person everything is easier to pull off. Not sure why can i get some help here?

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Post by panchester07 » 20 Jun 2011, 18:35

Agree with you 100% - Its totally different - I also play better on turf - The ball run's faster and idk, it seems more natural to me etc, but its also a matter of getting use to it - After 3 weeks of training in natural grass you'll get use to it -

The panamanian league is played in turf, 2 years ago a mexican team i think it was Pachuca, came down here and played in turf and lost 4-1 - Then, a year ago, the national stadium was used to host the concacaf champions league games, and Cruz Azul came here, and the panamanian club played in real grasss in the national stadium, and lost 0-6 -

Its all about getting used to the surface you playin in, but i do agree i think i can pull sh*t off better in turf and i'm a better player in turf, but then again if i get used to naturalo grass i can be really good too -
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Post by p793 » 20 Jun 2011, 19:47

Totally agree, On turf I feel i'm more explosive and in better control of the ball, whilst on grass I find it more diffucult and sometimes totally suck, I think it might be cos the grass aint extremely short. I also find that when playing in sports halls (even smoother) my touch is worse cas i'm used to grass. SUCKS big time cos you get used to one surface and then when you go back to grass it's like damn I fu**ing suck but it's just cos your not playing as well as you do on turf.. sucks sh*t

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Post by eddy192837 » 20 Jun 2011, 19:52

Complete opposite for me. I love natural grass 10000000x better. Easier to control, i have better feel for ball, etc...

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Post by scottS4 » 20 Jun 2011, 21:46

I agree with collin and panch. turf seems so much easier to play on. I feel faster, i have better control, and even my shooting improves becauses there are no random bobbles right before you shoot.

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Post by nick117 » 20 Jun 2011, 22:07

perfect grass>turf>poor grass. That's my order i love turf but if you get a chance to play on a field like the pro's play on with super short grass it's amazing.

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Post by collin » 20 Jun 2011, 23:07

yeah i agree super short grass is good

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Post by desire10 » 21 Jun 2011, 05:18

nick117 wrote:perfect grass>turf>poor grass. That's my order i love turf but if you get a chance to play on a field like the pro's play on with super short grass it's amazing.

Camp Nou carpet like grass = j**z.
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Post by Had2bHarry » 21 Jun 2011, 09:53

Maybe Ive just been playing on some bad turf, but I absolutely hate playing on turf. I feel extremely off balance and very awkward, and the faster running ball doesnt suit my style. Grass is so much more natural and makes me feel as though my feet are on the ground.
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Post by Rome_Leader » 21 Jun 2011, 13:03

I'm with you, and I've had the opportunity to play on some pretty 'high-quality' turf. Well-maintained grass is the absolute best IMO.

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Post by klc123 » 21 Jun 2011, 13:07

I've played on a proper stadium pitch and nothing compares. Touch is 100 times better and it is so much easier to do things.

However, in the rain astroturf is best imo, because when the ground gets too soft even a good pitch is difficult to play your best in.

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