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whats up guys, im just going to right a little bit about how much i have really changed in the past few weeks. I notice alot of people on this forum including myself feel guilty when they don't train, get frustrated because your not getting better, envying other people because you work so much harder then them. That was me to, i always got frustrated, some days i would get home from school and say fu** this i don't feel like training. Well, sh*t happens guys your going to be alright. I got frustrated with my training all the time, i got sick of doing cone drills, i was trying to find inspiration from anything i could find on the internet to be honest. I still trained almost everyday, whether i wanted to or not. For some reason i was always mad, im not sure why.
I was always mad at school i think it was because of my training really. Well i have changed alot guys, i have learned to just relax and chill out. I seriously think this helps you improve, don't force yourself to the point where your getting frustrated and mad at people. Grab a buddy from your school and go practice with him. Have fun and get your touches in at the same time. Lately my football has been great, i am truly having fun going out there everyday.
I grab my friend from my school, he plays defense and i play offense. I dribble at him, sprint at him jog at him practice my skills at him, beat him and shoot. I realized that this was soooooo much better than going out there and training with cones. I guess you could say you improve more "with a routine and drills" but i don't really believe it. What i am doing is very helpful, i don't have to make things realistic, i got human right in front of me trying to get the ball, and he is one of my best friends.
We head to the pitch, makes jokes, laugh, taunt eachother, make fun of eachother and its just a great time. I think everyone should do this. We do fun games, for example i always tell him "if you stick me 4 times in a row ill give you a dollar" or "first to 2 points gets a water break" fun things like that, and its great, im not stressed out.
I don't feel like i do when im with my cones that feeling you get where your just like alright on to the next one or my legs hurt and i don't feel like doing this. You do it anyway because you know you have to and you want your dream to come true but its still a sh*tty feeling. I haven't felt this feeling in a week. Im having fun at the pitch, i look forward to doing this everyday with my friend. We both love football, we don't care what anyone thinks we just go out there and have fun, try new things and tricks.
I love it the most because im getting a great experience out of it, my confidence is going up, im starting to really study the art of reading the defenders body positions, trying new things and doing things i never thought i could do and im getting a sh*t load of touches in. This post is just for all those people if you get frustrated or hit a breaking point, start doing what im doing. It's fun, im improving tremendously, and im starting to realize why i loved the game in the first place.

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Great news man.

Everyone goes through this stage especially when they realise you want to be a pro.

My aspirations are all but faded but I still want to be the best I can be.

In my own personal training; Ive never done a cone drill in my life.

Wheneve Ive kicked balls at a wall, or juggled or scored, dribbled, tackled, Ive loved it.

Ditch the cones. For flip sake just play the game you love!!!

Your an inspiration mate :D

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Cones can be fun too :( i enjoy mine haha. But this is all good advice, still until god sends me someone who's willing to play daily my cones are my friend.

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haha TheBrilliance im no inspiration man. NickI guess its pretty hard to find someone, well the guy i play with is pretty new to the football world. This summer he wants to make varsity soccer and hes never played on a team before, so im training with him and helping him get better but hes also doing me a big favor by just letting me 1v1 him alot.

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Agreed. You've got to have the right balance. If you don't enjoy training then theres not alot of point in doing it IMO.

I used to stress like you too, for the first few weeks your like "Yeah man, this will be the best thing i've ever done!!"

Now I just do what I love, and I play much better too.

I'm lucky, I play for 1-2 hours in school in my frees and at lunch, doing heads and volleys or two touch with 4-5 my friends at the cage next to the school which is always empty :D.

I then go home, go to the gym 3 times a week, play competetive, high pace, 6 vs 6 league games twice a week. (season has finished)

And then any other time I feel like playing, usually 2-3 times a week, at about 7pm-9:30pm. I take my net to theese beautiful football pitches that are on a complex that nobody uses apart from games. the pitches are perfect, and it is surrounded by trees and beautiful views of the city (its on top of a hill) I usually just practise shooting, dribbling or free kicks when i'm there, and even though i'm doing stuff I'd usually stress over, because i'm doing other stuff with my friends and having a great social life. When I play at this complex, I do it because I love it, and because I want to! Not because I am forced to in my routine!!

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to be honest i use to have your problem collin a few years ago, but life makes you get over it-

"titles will come when we stop obsessing with them" - jose mourinho -

if you take anything too damn seriously your bound to put unnecesary pressure on yourself, taking all the fun away from it, and many times causing you to get negative results which leads to MORE frustration - its a vicious circle and and can get you really down -

i was dead serious about my football, exactly like most here, training everyday on my own, dreaming about all day, training hard and then seeing others not train as hard as me and get all the success in the field, which was annoying and fu**in frustrating -

what happened next? my parents started pressuring me to grow up, they made me focus on grades, i started noticing i wanted more girls and friends in my life, etc, etc, meaning, i focused on improving on other areas of my life as well, and not only obssessing over football, soon i started seeing fotoball again as fun and a passion as i've seen it most of my life, and i do train everyday on my own, but 1 hour, and then 2 with my team, but thats it cause i have to do other things- i got a free hour at 12 pm, and thats what i use to train, at 1 i have a class, and after that its team practice,- i have other priorities and goals in my life as well, and football is fun and recreation for me as well as something i want to pursuit as a career - without obsessing about it -and i improve like crazy, training makes the impossible possible, you just need to remember intensity, repetition, and going the extra mile - and your body will do the rest -

and yeah, when i'm in a match, and i beat 3 in one run and shoot and score, i realize my juggling drills, my nike dribbling drils, all done at the highest intensity obviously pay off - you don't get good by chance

good post colluin
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As I've said in the many other threads balance is key. You can still pursue your football aspirations as well as other things if you balance it correctly.

I think 2-3 hours of training a day is enough I'm sure most pro teams don't even train any more than that and if they do its probably something light or reviewing game film.

You can fit a lot in if you work hard during your sessions and then go have fun afterwards and not worry about if your being dedicated or not. Having a life outside of football is perfectly normal and it doesn't mean someone isn't dedicated.

There is a massive world of opportunities out there in addition to football!!! As I said in another thread I hope you guys don't look back one day and regret not that you didn't pursue football but that you didn't pursue something else. I am by no means saying give up but again balance is key.

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