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alright guys, ive been moved to attacking mid for 2 games, and i scored 2 goals. I feel like since i did this my coach will keep putting me there. But i need some help on tactics. my coach always tells me he wants me going beyond are 1 forward, so are forward checks into the gap between the outside mid and center mid. And i run beyond him for the long ball. However, this is the only thing i know how to do. What are some other good ideas and runs i could be making? should i be the one checking into that gap? my team plays more of a direct style of play (which i do not like very much but we gets wins from it) we can play on the ground but there is not enough kids that are good enough at doing it for us to be successful at it. So we usually hit it into the right zones and play the pretty soccer in the attacking third. Any tips for an attacking mid in my situation?

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You've got the right idea so far. You do need to be checking to the ball quite a lot I find, and other times you need to be the third (or however many) striker running and calling for a through ball. When the other team has the ball deep in your own half, you need to be tracking players on the outside of the box, or sitting in the space just outside it, there should be loads there. The ladder I only recommend if the ball is well beyond you/your zone, and if your team looks likely of sweeping up possession and getting on the counter-attack. When your team does get the ball they need to know that you will be there ready to launch an attack.
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i kinda agree with desire10. Attacking mid is all about attack. So, you really need to be ready when your team to make a counter-attack. But one more thing that desire10 missed is that an attacking mid must have the ability to shoot from far range. Gerrard is an attacking mid. Enough said

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On a counter attack, yes, do what your coach says and run onto the long ball. If it gets you goals, do it.
When your team has the ball and the other team is defending deep, however, I suggest a different pattern. Check to the ball, move close to your other midfielders and help them keep the ball moving. Gradually go up, pass the ball around, make sure it keeps coming back to you, this brings your team forward. Get rid of the ball as quick as you can without losing control of it, then play the ball out to the wings, stay outside the box, then crash in late (I agree with desire, be the 3rd player to run into the box, 1st is the forward, 2nd is a winger).
Defensively, make sure you mark their deepest midfielder, it'll really screw up their passing.
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