How to be more Aggresive and Confident

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How to get hold of a Good Mentality for Football

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Moved to mentality.

Some good mentality guides:

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Here is the Mentality area from EF Training:
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Be more aggressive? Tackle! Don't be afraid of no one on the pitch my friend. 50/50 challenges are actually won in the mind. Believe you will get to the ball first, believe you will win the challenge whatever happens.

Be more confident? Know what you do well and do it in a game. If you are good at short passing, do that in the game. No point trying the 60 yard ball when you can barely kick it 30 yards.

Keep it simple. Control the ball and pass and move and then ask for it again.

There, I saved you hours reading those guides. Don't believe me? Come back and tell me what they boil down to. :)

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Start "just doing it"...

If you want to be more aggresive and more confident, "just do it"...

Point being, don't hesitate, go for it....

Give your best.

See an air ball, don't think, thinking wastes time and your mind will convince you not to one way or another, the only way to be more aggresive and do what your afraid of is just do it...

See a divided ball, go for it, just do it.. If you can chip it over the rivals foot great, if not then go hard, just do it..

Every time theres something that causes you to think and be "insecure"... Just fu**ing do it....

After a few headers won, after a few slide tackles won, after a few 50-50s, your mind will go on auto-pilot and you will keep doing it all game without thinking.... Look at Lucio, Terry, Vidic, they don't think, they are almost naturally aggresive, just do it, always, and naturally you will become like this, its a self-fuffilling prophecy.... Unfortunately, so is hesitating and analyzing game situations, so... Just do it..

When I was in the USA i bought a book on picking up chicks, I threw the book away after a few days because I'm dont love reading that much, but I read a phrase that was interesting "whe who hesitates, masturbates"... same in football, he who hesitates, thinks about it, looses the challenge, the opportunity is gone if you over-analyze sh*t

Also, the other thing that has helped me loads... Is being loud and talking in games..... Hey! I'm open!! Hey, man on!! Man on!! Turn to your left!! Sweet !! Here, Here, Here!! You stop thinking and you are out of your head... A loud COMMON!!!! if your team isn't focused, or you know, whatever way you like expressing yourself in your game, but the important thing is to do it, and be loud about it :) (helps SOOO much)- Also, a "God damn it! " when you miss a chance, etc...

Body language also helps...seen how the pro's express themselves through body language??? Copy that well, and it will help your mentality and game a lot....

Its all you man, follow these tips and you will never have to "think positive" or "visualize" or ask questions about mentality again..

Stop thinking, stop hesitating, and just do it, because imposible is nothing :)
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