teamates dont kno simple runs

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ive been practicing with some of the players im gunna tryout w/ soon. however its become obvious 2 me that they dont kno how 2 play w/ me doing simple runs like and overlap for example. they dont read what im doing so theres no point in doing it. i kno ive talked 2 them about trying 2 read the play. anything else i can do or say 2 them
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You can try talking to yor coach, but I think this should be only when your on the team for sure. Maybe when you get the ball tell them where to go, communicate with them.

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tell them to make a run-_-;; isn't that simple??

and if u have practices, then teach them how "running around the outside" is done...

if u have a coach, then u should tell him!

but i think telling them to run is the best idea;;

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Teach them when to run for each situation....

Shouting at them to run might be a little disheartening.

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couldnt you motion with your hand. thats what i do, and if they dont see it or dont know what im trying to say, i just tell them to make a run, but not in a yelling way.

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i'm going through that rite now and the only thing i've been doing is after they mess up i just tell them "hey do this when you see me do (whater ever hand motion i do) this" it doesent work 100 percent but its good when nothing else works that well either

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x2reme21, and Mike have the right idea. When playing with strangers, you need to comunicate. They cant be expected to know your style of play, just like you dont know their style of play. You need to tell them or point them to where you want the ball played. For drills with my team, I dont want the opponent to know where I'm going to go so I point somewhere when im behind them. This is effective. But with strangers you might have to actually tell them, "Overlap" or "Here, here".

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Mike wrote:You can try talking to yor coach, but I think this should be only when your on the team for sure. Maybe when you get the ball tell them where to go, communicate with them.
i agree and i also think u should see da best way u can communicate with them while playing like y dont u try sumthin else they can understand and stuff

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what are some runs every striker should know?
this is especiallly important to me.
how can i get into positions to recieve the ball.
season is over, but coach is always stressed that as the most important quality.
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some important runs are the diagonal run, the diagonal run, and the diagonal run. learn to use that well and your defenders will have a lot more space, and you'll have a lot more goals. the most important run is any run that isn't a straight line, and keeps you open.
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call for the ball when you make your runs untill they get it.
think two passes ahead.

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