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how to keep consistency of playing good in games? does it have to do with mentality? concentration? whattt/....

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your confidence plays a big part of it, if you go into a game thinking that you will win you'll play alot better then if you think your going to lose, your nutrition plays a big part you have to make sure your eating right all the time and especially before a game, and other little things like getting enough sleep makeing sure your well rested all of things affect how you play in a game

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always be talking throughout the game. that was the biggest thing for me, and i'd bet my consistency was worse than yours. i tried it all; positive thinking, being relaxed, concentrating hard, etc but nothing seemed to work.
soon i realized that the only games i played bad in were the ones that i was really quiet. i hardly spoke to anyone because i was so wrapped up in my own head. the more involved i got with the play and the more i constantly communicated, the better i did.

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I'm gonna say what i think: Americans, and countries were "soccer" isn't the biggest sport, overrate confidence, and the mental aspect.... I reckon its huge, on a proffesional area, where they have to play infront of huge crowds etc, air on tv, etc. but at your level, i don't think it plays such a big aspect....

This is how i see it.... You practice hard, everyday or as much as possible, you improve your game a lot, law of the game, law of life, hard work = improvement, the more you do it, at a higher intensity the better you get fact, period.....

In the games, don't think " i must get my confidence right" or " i must think positive thoughts" ......

Play like Argentines, with balls and heart, thats it.... Have you seen Tevez? Running hard the 90 minutes, have you seen him celebrate the goals, you can tell joy has taken over him... Have you seen Higuian cuss out when he's team is loosing? Have you seen Messi swear a few times when keepers block his shots? Or ask the manager to not sub him because he wants to play.... Get it, you want to play, you love to play, your ultimate goal is to win, your a warrior a gladiator if you will who's ultimate objective is to help your team to win, be it scoring, assisting, or defending, but by all means playing as hard as you fu**ing can and harder...

Not only Argentines have great mentalities..

See Ji Sung- Park, he plays as hard as possible all match...
See Wayne Rooney, when he plays hard you can see the man has huge heart....
See Genaro Gattuso, pure sacrifice, balls and manly football..
Roy Keane, Gerrard, Puyol,

Be agressive, Be tough, Be manly play hard and with heart, pasion and balls... forget confidence.. you have to get into the right footbalistical attitude...... its not so hard, and its the way yo enjoy the game the most..

what scott said is brilliant, talk talk talk, and better, yell yell yell, you get out of your head and focus on whats important much more..if you see something say it, if they didn't pass it to you say see me next time, you want to win, yell, play hard, bust a nut you don't care about anything else...

if you score celebrate super hard, and yell hard in joy, etc
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eddy192837 wrote:how to keep consistency of playing good in games? does it have to do with mentality? concentration? whattt/....
I think there's many factors involved. One thing you could focus on is your routine. Make sure you drink plenty of water starting a day or two before your game. A good night's sleep is very important so go earlier to bed on the night before. A good warmup and stretch is important as well. Try to get some touches on the ball before kickoff so that you're loose and ready.

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