Indecisive when in Possesion

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Indecisive when in Possesion

Post by FootballPlayer94 »

Sometimes i get the ball in Possesion and my mind just goes Blank.
I'm a very Capable Dribbler and i have Distributive Qualities but i'm stuck sometimes :shock:

I play on the Wing and Centre Midfield :)
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Post by pickyourheadup »

A good way to get over this is to keep playing a lot. Experience will alllow you to play and think faster.

Studying tactics will also help your overall understanding of the game, flow of play, when to make what pass, when to dribble, etc.

-Watching professional games helps too (take a look at Zidane)
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Re: Indecisive when in Possesion

Post by panchester07 »

FootballPlayer94 wrote:Sometimes i get the ball in Possesion and my mind just goes Blank.
I'm a very Capable Dribbler and i have Distributive Qualities but i'm stuck sometimes :shock:

I play on the Wing and Centre Midfield :)
Additional to what PYHU said, also you can watch lots of football on TV, videos on youtube or metacafe whichever you prefer.. To kind of see what the pro's do in each position...

You need to play a lot more, like pyhu said, and conciously force yourself to take good actions, soon it will be second nature.. Don't think, act. After you act without thinking, like 3 times, you will get into that mind state of just playing and not analyzing situations.

I used to be in my head in games, back in the day, second guessing what to do (mostly in bigger games vs pickups) but now I play with balls and heart always, kind of like Ji - Sung - Park, Gattuso, Tevez or Messi, even Rooney back when he was beast, and I don't think I just do it.... I reccomend playing like this, get really in the game, its how its meant to be played.

Practice and you will get better..
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Post by Rome_Leader »

The more times you are in possession, the better you'll get at making quick decisions, of course. For the time being, recognize that at a higher level, and certainly at the pro level, time on the ball is precious. If you waste it in thought instead of action, that's just it, you've wasted your precious time. All your thinking should be done off the ball, or pre-game. Practice your movements so you get superb muscle memory. And when you're in the game, just do what feels right/natural. You'll get the hang of it.

Part of it is training your body NOT to think so much by telling it so repeatedly. Try that. "Just do it. Just do it. Just do it."
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Post by klc123 »

The thing that causes most freeze ups in any sport, is lack of information.

If you don't know what's going on around you, you have no hope at knowing all your possible options when you have the ball, and selecting the best one.

Do this, go on youtube and watch a compilation of a player like Xavi or Zidane, as suggested, and instead of watching the ball, watch them all the time, off and on the ball.

These two links might be useful to many, they definitely were for me. ... youth.html ... nical.html

The second one is about body shapes, and how it can affect your ability to receive the ball and make decisions, which is also a major cause for mistakes being made or you "freezing up."

When you are watching a player, like Xavi particularly, notice how he always is facing towards the ball when possible, and then he side steps and shuffles to move around, instead of turning and running into space, this is important, because if you turn away from the ball and run into space, for the split second you haven't being looking at what is going on in front of you, which can affect your decision making massively.

Also notice how, while he is shuffling around into space, every couple of seconds he looks around, almost compulsively, this is really important as well, because if you are reading what is happening around you, and you see everything happening around you, and your body shape is best suited to receive the ball, then you will feel like you have acres of space and time, and you will start making decisions without even thinking about it; as Rome said.
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Post by ScottyBoy »

:D Compulsive looks over the shoulder are where it's at!

I find that even in training or if I drop back to cover at full back I still look over both shoulders every few seconds. Then I think, oh yeah i'm the last man theres nothing there... Doesnt stop me doing it ten seconds later. Its a habit, but a good one. Once it becomes part of your normal behaviour you see and understand so much more about your surrounding and helps with so many things from avoiding tackles, spotting passes or just reading the game.

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Post by klc123 »

Communication is another key point, if your team mates aren't calling to you all the time, and you don't do the same for them, bad things will happen.

There is nothing worse than trying to play football with a team that doesn't speak to each other, it is a team game for a reason, and if you have 10 pairs of eyes working with you as opposed to just your own, then you will certainly have much more of a chance of making the correct decision in a pressured situation.
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Post by soccer_after_death »

I used to have this problem a LOT over the past couple years, and especially when it's beginning of season.

Honestly the only thing that helps is to play as much as you can, experience helps more than anything.

Like others said, don't consciously think about what you're gunna do after you get the ball, you're just wasting time. Either plan beforehand, or just do what feels right (comes from experience).

Always be aware of where you're located with regards to the field (since you play mid/winger, you'll be all over), always keep note of where your closest forward or closest fullback is, nice thing bout being a winger is you can hug the sideline then you only need to consider 180 degrees as opposed to 360 (not all times, but some), and always be sure of how close your marker is to you.

Preparing when the balls coming to you always helps, too, put yourself in a good position to receive it with proper stance and whatnot, and that's the first step to then keeping possession and making a good pass.

Good luck!
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Re: Indecisive when in Possesion

Post by matt »

FootballPlayer94 wrote:Sometimes i get the ball in Possesion and my mind just goes Blank.
I'm a very Capable Dribbler and i have Distributive Qualities but i'm stuck sometimes :shock:

I play on the Wing and Centre Midfield :)
Studying, experience and helpful team-mates are all important points which have been covered so far. I might add confidence to the mix. Have faith in your own abilities and even if things don't go right 100% of the time, you'll always have chances to make up for any mistakes.

For what it's worth, when I have time on the ball to think (I play mostly 5 or 6 a side so there isn't usually much!) my thought process goes like this:

1) Can I shoot? If not...
2) Can I pass to someone who can shoot? If not...
3) Can I pass to anyone else, if they are in a good position? If not...
4) Can I dribble so I can change where I am and go back to number 1? If not...
5) Can I pass to anyone else just so we can keep possession and keep the ball moving?
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Post by klc123 »

That's a good point matt, and it reminded me of something.

You won't get a chance to consciously ask yourself when you get the ball those five questions, but you should know the answer to all five at all times when you are off the ball. You should know that if you receive the ball, whether or not you can shoot or not, or if there is a great pass on, and that just reinforces the point of having your head up looking at what's happening all the time.

In terms of not knowing who you should pass to, it depends on how direct you are being. If you are going out to attack the other team, then you will be looking to always play in your front man first. If that isn't possible, then the wingers, if that's not possible, then you should decide whether or not you can dribble into a position where one of those becomes available.

As said, it is experience that matters.
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