Best Team Goals

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Best Team Goals

Post by mr_dude » 17 Sep 2010, 14:23

Just to copy the perfect goals topic in finishing and passing, what kind of teamwork goals you thin are the sexiest. I put it under tactics because it's mostly that, I'm not talking about a genius through ball or something, but coordinated team plays.

Mine would have to be a lightning quick counter-attack. Like, the ball is in your box, four quick passes later it's in the back of the other team's net. Germany hit that kind of goal against England at the WC.

Anyone else?
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Post by 2brown347 » 17 Sep 2010, 14:56

The second, third, and forth goal in this comp all have great team play.

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Post by scottS4 » 18 Sep 2010, 17:00

Cambiasso's goal after 25 passes in the 06 WC:

Carlos Alberto in 1970 WC final: ... re=related

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