Improving Decision Making

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Improving Decision Making

Post by InFutbolWeTrust » 09 Sep 2010, 18:58

..hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me out and give me a few tips on how you can improve your overall decision making in a match like how do you know what is the best pass to make, or when you should shoot or chip the ball in a 1v1?..cuz basically am terrible at it, and it is holding back my football game by miles..ny advice wud b MUCH appreciated..thnx..

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Post by Rummandinho » 09 Sep 2010, 19:25

Match Experience is your best bet. Try and think about situations and what's best to do. Teamwork is also vital in decision. If your striker is on the slow side then making him run onto balls is a bad idea, but playing to feet/head could prove beter results.

As for 1v1's. First is composure which comes through LOTS of practice and match experience and secondly, it depends on the situation.

Playing FIFA/PES Also helps :D

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Post by Rome_Leader » 09 Sep 2010, 19:43

Match experience for sure. Also watching game footage is a good way to learn. See what the pros do in situations similar to ones you often find yourself in.

As an adjunct, I think you might be overthinking things too much; overwhelmed with options. When you get in that position, and you appear to be about to freeze, my advice is to either go with the first thing that comes to your mind (not the best solution, but works in a pinch) or the more tested and true concept of "going to your go-to move".

Go-to moves are different for everyone, but usually, they are the moves you have practiced the most and are therefore the most comfortable doing in any situation. It will probably have worked for you more than once in the past, hopefully in the situation you find yourself in, but if not, do it anyway. Some examples of go-to moves include C. Ronaldo's chop, Cruyff's Cruyff turn and Zidane's roulette. Basically trademarks of these players because they performed them so often, and were known for them. What's more, all those moves, with perhaps the exception of the roulette, are very simple and quick to execute. Nothing crazy. With some practice, you could pull these very moves off reliably.

Also, a teammate is always a good option, and usually the best. Having better field awareness by learning to keep your head up and scanning for opportunities and positioning of players while you don't have the ball can only help your decision making. Again, all this comes with practice.

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