How to most effectively out play big defenders (indoor)

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So I'm playing forward this indoor season and since I'll be in U-18 I need to know how to play against larger, faster defenders. I've never been coached on how to play indoor strategically, as most coaches don't see the point, preferring outdoor.

Indoor is 5 on 5, and this is the field we play on, so you know the size:

As a forward, (in a 2-2-1 or 2-1-2 formation) how would you go about positioning yourself to maximise your performance. Keep in mind you'd be playing older kids who may dominate posession and chances, meaning you wouldn't get the ball alot.

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You should be quicker than them. Maybe try passing it off the wall? Also, indoor is all about quick passing and moving off the ball, so dribbling isn't all you have to do.
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haha.. some things in life.. are meant to be left uncoached..somethings in life are meant to not be analyzed.... like sometimes people want to have a guide, or a plan, or a method about how to do every little thing..... sometimes you just gottta be.. thats a bit off topic, but you could hear me.... don't expect a guide for everything you do, adventure yourself and follow your instinct everynow and then...

I never ever heard a guide about playing indoor... I never ever needed one.... Just basically position yourself north if your a forward.... be the most foward man, and make runs to be free of mark.. receive and challenge defenders 1 v 1, once you have a tad space you can shooot... that means, even in you receive, and take a little touch that gives you space you can shoot on goal... its indoor so virtually you could score from anywhere.....

but essencially, you should be more skilled...research ginga on youtube, or stuff like that, and watch how they play it, they play 5 v 5 like you, but they make an effort in beating defenders and getting past them... indoor is a lot about dribbling and finishing....

Look at it thisway..... becoming good in indoor, and beating men, will get you good in 11 v 11.. so hesitate no more in playing the game like it should be, and challenge men, try to beat them, and shoot with intentions of scoring. Football is about fun, specially short sided matches, so be yourself and try something risky... When I play short sided matches(about everyday), I take on 1-2-3 players, beat them completely, and look for the bottom corner of the opposing goal.....

Things like this shouldn't be over analyzed and just be done.... get out and try to beat people.. if you can make a vertical pass thats good.. but if you're gonna over think each move you might as well not even play :S... beat a man, and shoot, be outgoing and spontaneous... thats what football and shortsideded matches are about...

all those players you see on a pitch... that can't beat 1-2 players.. kun aguero, robinho, lio, pedro, tevez, dinho, pato, neymar..... all those players in indoor wouldn't have 1 doubt in their mind in taking the whole 5 players in indoor and scoring.... in real life you'll see them take on 1-2 and maybe 3 defenders, in indoor they'd take on the whole team.... indoor is fun football, its football without the boring stuff like running and physical sh*t.... its pure football, and i challenge you to play it, i challenge you to take on men, and shoot on goal, i challenge you to play more southern skilled football(stereotype but mostly true), instead of simple boring passes that will make me fall asleep.. i challenge you to really play football to be daunting and challenging.... i dont want you passing the ball backwards, or receiving it and not knowing what to do... play the game... your mistaken if its all about running, being fit, and having strong legs......... you wont be anybody in football if you can't play proper indoor and thats a fact... improve your skills .. .
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I agree, with panch tbh, I don't see why you would need a guide to the indoor game, unless maybe you play with set rules.

The only big difference I find when I play indoors is that long/lofted passes become less useful and short "tika-taka" football becomes the game.

Also in indoors if your a forward you're expected to defend a bit more than you would in 11 a side, and as a defender you are expected to attack more than you would in 11 a side.

To reinforce Panchesters point, do you think Ronaldinho thinks and analyses all of his options in this video?...

...No, that is 100% instinct shining through in all its brilliance.

As with everything in football, if you stop to think of what you can do, it's more than likely the opportunity to do what you could have done, has already gone.

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