Why do you want to be a pro soccer player?

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i just wanted to start a thread on why everyone wants to be a pro soccer player? is it for yourself, is it for your family? did you make a promise to someone? ill go first

the reason i want to be a pro is because i love the game and i can't imagine myself doing anything else. my grades aren't the greatest and sometimes i feel like soccer is the only thing i have. I also want to be a pro because i want my parents to be proud of me for achieveing something. i want to show them that going out and practiceing everyday isn't a waste of my time. and i want to do it because i want to buy my parents a new house, and i want to give back to them everything they gave to me. I want to be successful in life, i want to be known for something, and i believe its soccer.

what about you guy's?

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i want to be a pro soccer player bc i would love to to something that i love doing so much and u even get paid! and soccer is so freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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football, football, football!
What do I have to say?
I want to become a proffesional player because I love the game and the competion. If I could even make it to the Npower Championship(England) I would be greatful. My dream though is to play in the EPL.

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