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Right Winger Help

Post by p793 » 01 Jun 2010, 21:57

Hi there, I have had trials recently and I now understand I have the technical ability of that of Academy standard.

However I have been told by the coaches that to put myself into the next level and to reach this Academy level I need to improve:

Decision Making

Physically is already improving, I have access to a gym and have a meal plan in place.
Decision Making is not perfect but with more experience it's deffinately improving.
Tactics & Postional Play drastically needing to improve.

I am a right winger/right midfielder, and If anyone knows of any nessesities of this role and hints and tips of what to do when off the ball it will be greatly appreciated! If I can improve my positional play I have a very good chance of getting into an Acadmey!

I need as much help as possible here as I am unsure of weather to even track their oppostion leftwinger or leave him for my right back who may come accross and leave him!

I will post diagrams of certain situations in the future but for now detailed foundations of the right winger would be great for me!

So please help and thankyou for reading.[/b]

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Post by Zlatan5 » 01 Jun 2010, 22:34

Tactics. Just watch professional right wingers, look at what they do when they are off the ball. From a personal experience, coaches like right wingers who can do a little bit of defensive work. Now, this doesn't mean you need to be like a wing back and stop opposing attackers, you just need to track them and close them down. I figured if I keep close to my opposing winger or whoever, and close their passing lanes, they would not receive the ball, thus eliminating them as a threat. But that's just me being a defensive winger. On the attack you need to find the diagonal and down the line channels, put yourself on the other end of that channel, and demand the ball.

In a nutshell, just try to be efficient. Don't call for the ball insistently, only to not progress the attack, or to lose it. Find the passing channels so your midfielders and backs can give you easy passes. And from there, just do what wingers do, start the attack from out wide and send in crosses or cut in and have a go yourself.

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Post by nick117 » 01 Jun 2010, 22:44

everything he said is absolutely right infact watch antonio valencia vs chelsea if you can find the replay of that game he stopped ashley cole from attacking so the right back wouldn't have to handle 2v1. whatever you do just don't watch a video of ronaldo because you won't see him track back :p.

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