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On the pitch I tend to always be looking down at the ball, when are good times to look up to make a pass?

Another thing I have a problem with is when I get a ball played to me, I don't look up to see if I have anyone covering me and therefore I lose the ball. Am I suppose to look up before and after i receive a ball?

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For starters its really bad to be looking at the ball. A good dribbler never looks directly down at the ball because then you cant see anything else. During the game keep looking where your team mates are, even when you don't have the ball. Its always good to be aware of your team mates surroundings with and without the ball. It's best to keep your head up while you dribble to look for better options.

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You want to have decided the general option (dribble, pass or shoot) you are going to choose before you recive the ball when you are heavily marked (Were talking reciving fast balls in congested areas ie. penalty box) and just act on insticnt follow the instinctive decision and just do it.

But when you have space or time (even a tiny bit) to react, look up assess can you turn, if not pass back or dribble into space.

That being said awareness and vision is a difficult attribute to 'learn' you tend to get it from experience and team chemistry, if you don't have it... its difficult to practice it unless you are in game situations

I reposted this... I suggest you delete the other topic you made on awareness (clicking the blue X in the top right conrner of the text box, beside 'edit' and 'quote') just it will save time and space, man

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