Seems like the other team has more players than us

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Whenever we play a decent team( high school varsity soccer) it seems like their center mid could just pass all day to eachother and dribble up the field, we have good center mids and usually get back, but it always seems they have more people. Why is this

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Make sure that all of your opponent's field players are manned up. Remember that the guy with the ball is (almost) ALWAYS the most important. Why? Because he's the only guy that can score. Thus said, always make sure the guy with the ball is pressured; of course his passing options should be accounted for as well.

Every single one of your players should be doing something, everyone has a responsibility. Remember that even players on "offense" have to play defense as well. Your teammates need to put a body on each and every opponent who is a passing option.

Of course, when you are on the field, counting all the players will result in a lopsided amount...they always have one more than your team. Why? YOU are just standing there! Make sure you aren't the player who is causing your team to appear shortsided.

Talk to your coach or captain and make sure that all the defensive marking assignments are worked out. The captain should be the one on the field making sure players are being marked and teammates aren't just standing around. ("Hey Jimmy! Number 2 is open in the middle of the field!)

Of course your team's strategy/defensive scheme may require a different interpretation of this advice...again, work it out with your coach and/or captain.

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Heh this happens when our adult league team faces the best adult league team in the league. I know how you feel, it seems like no matter how hard your team tries, you guys just can't get the ball.

The problem is, they are using the full field its full advantage. They play every player, like tactically. Even though your team is trying to man mark or tackle, they just maintain possession. And after the game, your team is bushed and their team looks like they just got through their warm-up. Think of it this way, a game of monkey in the middle, and you guys are the monkeys. They're just moving around (not moving out of their position, but stretching the field), and receiving passes. They know their teammates well, they can pass and support, makes runs, etc., while your team is running around like a dummy. When we play, the main reason we lose is because we get impatient and start running after them, and when we move out of position, they exploit it and catch us sleeping. After a few more of these repetitions, we're already tired from all the chasing and they're just passing to each other like practice.

Just wait for them. Like them come to you. Defend deep, and don't be so eager to counterattack and play quickly. Make sure you make good use of possession, because they will and like they say, you can't score if you don't have the ball. The more players you have back, the harder it will be to penetrate, and you can intercept a pass, and hold it up for your team to regroup for an attack. Basically, as long as you know they're passing around, they won't do something extremely fast, so there's no rush. That's just my opinion and my experiences, if it's wrong then you can elaborate on what the other team does and we can decide from there.

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I can't much add to Nat or kaka's wonderful explanation except for this: When you play this team, I stress using a ZONE DEFENSE.

That means that, rather then chasing individual players around, and playing right into their hands by, as kaka says, only using a small part of the field, assign everyone a zone to stick to. You mark anyone who enters your zone, and when they enter into another zone, they are no longer your responsibility. If two or more men are in your zone, use common sense and call for help.

By utilizing a zone defense, people will not feel a need to bunch up as much, as you cover more of the field, and people are taught to stick to their zone and not gravitate to the ball. You won't be playing a game of chase, you will be doing as kaka says, playing a game of 'Wait'. The drawback is when holes open up when star players like the center mid starts to figure you out and split your zones, but I'm sure you guys will be able to adjust your play well to that effect and not fall apart as easily as you are.

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a typical example of this in a pro game is when barcelona lost to numancia yesterday yeah barcelona kept the ball a lot as same as the situation here but numancia stayed patient defended deep and in numbers they just counter attacked in the first fifteen minutes and scored and then they stayed back and defended their lead you can have the other team keeping posession a lot actually work for u just defend in numbers and wait for the counterattack even though it might not be as "fun" as attacking

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Run faster and stop slacking off on defence, make sure you've got man to man coverage, you're either playing really bad zone d, which I doubt, or you've just got a couple of lazy players who aren't staying with their checks.

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