Your Opinion on Taking Back Calls?

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I think personally, it sets a terrible precedent. Yeah, you might've missed that last call, but it's a big thing to reverse a call. I wouldn't want to be seen as influenced by the other side, even though I'm not. The only calls I would ever take back is if I mistakenly took out the wrong card or something like that.

You'll make bad calls, sure, but you have to be confident in your decision, otherwise people will forever second guess you, is what I believe.

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I just did my ref course, and yeaa i agre with youu. and u have to remember that u cannot change a call unless u have alreayd blow nthe whistlee, so u can change the decision of a throw in before it has been taken ect..

and players shouldt be so harsh, it is way harder then it looks reffingg, trust me. and if u make a bad ccall, theres no hidingg, ur on a big 100 by 50m field with players and fans yelling at you.

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I'm pretty sure we all know how hard reffing is. Taking back calls is clearly a bad idea we had a ref in a game say " wait never mind continue" after he had blown the whistle and it caused so many problems.

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Yeah, I agree, taking back calls isn't the greatest idea. Unless you blow for a goal kick but all the players are lining up for a corner or something (little slips like that happen from time to time) that shouldn't be a problem. Stand by your calls - if players see you chopping and changing all the time they'll try to cause problems (well, the cunning bastard type ones will) and won't trust that you know what you are doing. The important thing is to remember that we all make mistakes, and (as I was told on my ref course) if you're getting over 70% of the calls right, you're doing a pretty decent job (particularly if there are no linos!)
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