Giovanni Dos Santos

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Giovanni Dos Santos

Post by E10youngRonaldinho » 25 Feb 2007, 05:02

I just wanted to post this to see you guys opinions on Gio Dos Santos.
DO u think he will ever plau this year for Barca and how good do u think he is.
Yea I think he is a Gem they have but he is still so young , He probably is very skilled but I dont know if he should play because he must get stronger and there are so many stars in front of him at Barca

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Post by mpcarres14 » 25 Feb 2007, 05:11

I think he is good, that's it. He is no world beater, and I honestly don't think he ever will be. I saw him over the summer though, so maybe he has made some good progress.

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Post by sandiovive » 04 Mar 2007, 14:45

Hes quite good. But i don think he will play this season. Hopefully next season.

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Post by gnarlyjim » 04 Mar 2007, 16:53

sandiovive wrote:Hes quite good. But i don think he will play this season. Hopefully next season.
Yeah, I'm interested to see how he plays once he gets a few starts. Oh well, just have to wait.

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Post by cmperez07 » 27 Mar 2007, 19:34

The guy is full of magic he is going be Mexico's long sought after No. 10
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