best attacker, midfielder and defender

Discuss and compare your favorite players
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defence: a.cole
mid: joaquin
attack: c.ronaldo

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c.ronaldo is more of a winger. He can play in attack in a 4-3-3 formation but I would say that he is more of a midfielder.

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J wrote:
MrSark wrote: As for comparing holding and attacking midfielders, it's very easy to compare them because playing midfield is the same no matter what.
I don't agree with that. Especially at a high level, it's different. they play two different roles on the team.

I agree when you are younger "midfield is the same no matter what", but certainly not at the highest level.

It's like trying to compare Ronaldinho's role on Barcelona to Essien's on Chelsea. They are both "midfielders" but have much different roles so it would be hard to compare two players like that.
...the only problem is that Ronaldinho is hardly a midfielder. Essien is a midfielder true, but Ronnie rarely plays in the middle of the park.

Comparing a holding midfielder and attacking are easy to compare because good holding midfielders can also venture into attack where as most attacking midfielders are not that great at holding. Perfect example of this are Essien, Vieira, Makalele, and Xavi. Those guys are typically holding midfielders, but they can also attack and have shown they can. Most attacking midfielders are horrible at holding but they can at least simulate the role a la Ronaldinho.

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My Starting 11 in the premiership any player any team would be.

Ck: Van Der Sar
Cb:John Terry
Cb:Nemaja Vidic
Lb:Matthew Taylor
Rb:Emmanuel Eboue
Cm:Cesc Fabregas
Cm:Frank Lampard
Rm:Cristiano Ronaldo
Lm:Arjen Robben
Cf:Thierry Henry
Cf:Didier Drogba

Thats My Starting 11.
Ronaldinho:I have the chance to do for a living what I like the most in life, and that's playing football. I can make people happy and enjoy myself at the same time.”

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attacker: Misiraj
Offensive midfielder: Ronaldinho, Kaka,
Defensive Midfielder: Pirlo, Viera
Defender: Maldini, Puyol or roberto carlos
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attacker- Eto`o,Thierry henry
Defender-Roberto Carlos or cannavaro

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GK: Buffon
Defender: Nesta
Midfielder: Gerrard/Kaka
Attacker: Eto'o/Ronaldinho

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Attacker: Henry, Ronaldinho, Marco Van Basten

Midfielder: Johan Cruijff/Zidane

Defender: Beckenbauer

All of those aren't neccesarily my favorite players for those positions, but I believe that they do/did their jobs the best.

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Best attacker: Henry
Best Midfielder: Gerrard/Zidane, both do there jobs very well
Best Defender: Terry/Cannavaro, both solid at the back

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MrSark wrote:I'm sorry but Wayne Rooney IS NOT the best attacker in the world. I know it's your opinion, but that just isn't right.

Thierry Henry is without a doubt the best attacker on the planet and has been for a number of years.

Steven Gerrard, Patrick Vieira, Claude Makalele are 3 of the best midfielders in my opinion. Gerrard didn't do jack during the WC but neither did England so that really doesn't show his quality. Makalele and Vieira showed there quality all WC game after game. People kept talking about Zidane, but in my opinion Zidane did not have that great of a WC.

Gianluca Zambrottta is hands down the best defender on the planet. Whether he is playing his normal LWB spot, or moved back to the RWB, he completely locks down his side of the field. His play during the WC and for Juventus has been splendid for years.
Are you kidding me? Zidane was awesome he went out with style lol im just joking i just wish Materazzi died that day...

Attacking-Thierry Henry
Midfield- Steven Gerrard
Defender-John Terry

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I have two sets.

a) Attacker: Henry
Midfielder: Essien
Defender: Gallas/Toure

b) Attacker: Eto'o
Midfielder: Kaka
Defender: Nesta
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Keeper-P. Cech

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Well im gonna put best defender into two categories:

Best Centre Back: Cannavaro
Best Full Back: Ashley Cole

Best Midfielder: Steven Gerrard/Makelele

Best Striker: Thierry Henry

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attacker:thierry henry
midfield:Ronaldinho/C ronaldo
defender:rio ferdinand(i don't think he's the best but he popped in my head right now)

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my new favorite defender is micah richards of man city. he's very strong and a great defender. he also looks just like my cousin.

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