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Posted: 21 Jun 2005, 14:44
by frizzyan
Honestly, I think Cech is overrated!

He just has a rock solid defence and a great form. I think as time goes on he'll return from a godly status to a normal one. I mean sure, he's pulled off some hell saves but he's rarely tested.

For me, Van Der Sar is an awesome goalie.. Why did he play for Fulham?! OH well he's a United player now and no, i'm not biased =P

I think give it a few seasons and Cech may get a few blunders.. I've watched him when he was in Rennes and he didn't look THAT convincing as people say he is.

Is Van Der Sar the new Number 1 and be able to replace the great Dane? Only time will tell but let's hope so, though he won't be there for long.

Posted: 21 Jun 2005, 15:55
by J
Is Tim Howard still at Man U?

Posted: 21 Jun 2005, 16:14
by Wiseman_philosopher
yup howard is still at manu. excellent, a person hu i agree wiv over cech.

Posted: 21 Jun 2005, 16:21
by frizzyan

I'm hoping Timmy improves a lot and once Van Der sar retires, he can take over and fulfill his potential.

Posted: 22 Jun 2005, 01:28
by fir_nev
van der Sar is one of the most consistent keepers in the Premiership.

About Cech, I'm evaluating him season by season. But at least he and Cudicini are better than ed de Goey.