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what is the definition of complete- to have all the skills
and the only players that can have that are WB, DMF, and CMF
because they can attack, defend, pass, and shoot
but CF and OMF are both terrible on D

the most complete players in my mind are gerrard, pirlo, zambrotta, lahm, viera
and other like them
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If you want to talk about complete player you can look no further than Henry. For every plus that people mention for Ronaldinho, the same can be said about Henry. If you look at the span of 2003 until present and compare Ronaldinho to Henry, Henry murders him across the board in all offense categories. Henry is slaughtering him in goals, and even has more assists despite playing from the ST position whereas Ronnie is slotted closer to the midfield without actually being a midfielder.

People list Gerrard as a complete player and he is without a doubt a great all around talent, but Gerrard's game is placed in the middle of the park because he would not do well if you slotted him behind the strikers a la Kaka, Totti, etc. Gerrard can score, defend, pass, but he isn't offensive minded. 2005 was a great year for him offensively, but I wouldn't expect him to repeat that form for Liverpool with the goalscoring he showed.

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zambrotta and pirlo can be classified as complete players too. i think rooney is a complete player since he can dribble, shoot, is very fast, good in GK position, in a man utd match i saw him running back and stealing the ball out of a striker.

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good in GK position
During which match did he play goalie?

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In the Joga Bonito thing. Fe7mi Joga TV is all edited n stuff. Nike just made Rooney look good.

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Kolo Toure is the complete player. He has the strength and courage of a lion, blinding pace, strong tackling, pretty good technique, and a decent cross. His shot is venomous as well. He can play anywhere on the pitch, and he would probably accel wherever the coach decided to put him.
God damn brewery!!!

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mpcarres14 wrote:Kolo Toure is the complete player. He has the strength and courage of a lion, blinding pace, strong tackling, pretty good technique, and a decent cross. His shot is venomous as well. He can play anywhere on the pitch, and he would probably accel wherever the coach decided to put him.
I agree. He has shown quality in MANY different situations this season. On defense he is absolutley world class, and he has shown tremendous finishing ability as well. He is a fantastic header of the ball in both penalty areas. I'm sure many will remember his cheeky finish against Liverpool when he slid the ball through the keepers legs.

Lately, as he has been thrown into the fullback position, he has been outstanding moving forward, a part of his game that was not as often seen before his brief stint in this postition. I'm hard pressed to remember a time when he took a defender on and had the ball taken clean off of him. Additionally, it's only a matter of time before one of his extremely powerful 40 yard strikes rattles the back of the net.

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First and foremost, many thanks to MSark, Ajc and ballack fan for elaboration and reasoning.

Now then, I say we settle this the official way.

:!: Hypothesis:Ronaldinho is God.
Experiment: Watched it on Tv
Results: Media said it
I believe it. That settles it. Hypothesis proven.

"it's all just a little bit of history repeating" This question has arisen 88 times, and will arise 888 ore times, with little or no progress ever being made - this is nothing to do with the question; it is due to the abundance of lies that posters base their arguments, along with the ever so impressive support they get from feeding of fellow ignorance.

Please, let's pay attention to Wittgenstein
"The problem is always at the beggining where we think we know what we do not know" :wink:

Sadly it has to be asked, who here posting is not simply a sophist, an idiot or religiously blind (i.e. 'X' is the greatest; I don't need proof; I have faith; I am in the know). Now then, who here is seeking resolution, truth or dialetical progress ??? :P

Remarkbly, :o We let the original idea dissolve, it being, what attributes equate to a complete player?? Unfortuantely, as always, I think the posting public interpreted the quesiton to be 'who can explicate the most convincing barrel of active ignorance' (a competiiton I am having immense difficulty in judging'. :( )


I actually have great reason to believe that Kluivert was one the most effective headerer's of the ball

[ :!: Ignorant posters, notice how I AM NOT declaring that he is better than Vieri in heading BECAuse, I HAVE NOT SEEN VIERI, however, I've seen that Kluivert is such a talent in the air that surely, comparing him to players I have seen, he needs a mention as one of the best. Also note, that yes, I have seen some quite adequate informaiton to come to this opinion, but if chance comes, I am open to change, yes i repeat, I AM OPEN TO CHANGE]

10 athletes run in a race, athlete A wins and gets his face slashed across the back pages - now, what many posters have done is made a supreme fallacy in BELIEVING that becuase athlete a wins, they are the BEST in the world. Yes, that makes sense. Mar's is the best chocolate in the shop, therefore Mars is the best chocolate in the world. :roll:

A man who stnads for nothing will fall for nothing - If these views are based on nothing, How can they expect to stand up in court of logic :?:

Don't blame me for killing them; I heard that they did something bad. :(

:wink: I'm just joking, please forgive me, that was simply nonsensical conjecture based on one mans delusion. Ignore it, and continue blissfully. In fact, here's what to do. :arrow:

How do you prove something, (common sense wise [ poster common sense I'm talking about] )??? You find people that agree with you, so, say that I keep making long and useless posts, get some people to agree with what you have shown them and your theory will be proved. (i.e. the man in the court case above). You see, just like Ronaldinho being God. If enough people are saying it, it mus be true. That's common sense. :roll:

Anyhow, I'm off

"In a world filled with darkness, it is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness."

-- Chinese Proverb

P.S. IF you are scared of truth, stay away form Jordan Maxell, and the book that he suggested below

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my view:
The most complete players of all time

Pele and Ronaldo9.. Cruyff can be added to, but his strength was a weakness. I can also maybe add Zidane, but his speed wasn't a strength.
(maybe Beckenbauer) there are many others.. but R9 and Pele (something special)
They are good with both feet's, they are strong, they are fast and skill full, and they can jump very high.. they can defend and attack, and their vision is astonishing.

in my opinion, If Ronaldo had never got those injuries he would been past
Pele and Maradona. Maradona was one of the best, but he didn't use his right foot so much, and he wasn't that high. Ronaldo is a phenomenon, his speed, his strength, his skills; finishing, dribbling, passing, quick feet, good with both feet's. perfect player.

Ronaldo's awards:

* FIFA World Player of the Year: 1996 (youngest winner), 1997, 2002
* World Soccer Player of the Year: 1996, 1997, 2002
* European Footballer of the Year (Ballon d'Or): 1997, 2002
* Onze d'Or: 1997, 2002
* UEFA Most Valuable Player - 1998
* European Golden Boot: 1997
* Copa América 1999: Top Scorer
* Spanish League Top Scorer: 1996-1997, 2003-2004
* Dutch League Top Scorer: 1994-1995
* BBC Sports Personality of the Year Overseas Personality: 2002
* GoldenFoot Award: 2006
* FIFA World Cup
o All-Time World Cup Goalscorer - 15 Goals in 19 games in 3 World Cups
o 2006 Bronze Boot - Third highest scorer (tied) - 3 goals
o 2002 Golden Boot - Top scorer - 8 goals
o 2002 Silver Ball - Second best player
o 2002 Winner
o 1998 Golden Ball - Best player
o 1998 Silver Boot - Second highest scorer - 4 goals
o 1998 Runner-up
o 1994 Winner
* Brazilian Cup: Cruzeiro 1993
* Dutch Cup: PSV Eindhoven 1996
* Cup Winners' Cup: FC Barcelona 1997
* Confederations Cup: 1997
* Copa América: 1997, 1999
* UEFA Cup: Internazionale 1998
* Intercontinental Cup: Real Madrid 2002
* European Super Cup: Real Madrid 2002
* La Liga - Primera División champions: Real Madrid 2002/2003
* Spanish Super Cup: FC Barcelona 1996, Real Madrid 2003
these stats also include that he was injured 4 times. operated his knee twice, and 20 months with rehabilitation he still managed to win world cup 02 with brazil and player of the year award. and got later on injured again.
Ronaldo had surgery on July 16, 2006, to remove calcifications from his left tibia. he still managed to comeback, and now plays for AC MILAN wearing the number 99.

mostly same highlights (some short videos, some longer)
and when Ronaldo was world player of the year 96 he was just 20 years..
means.. he was a at Messi's age (little bit older) and 1 year younger then Rooney and 2 years younger then C.Ronaldo. C.Ronaldo is good right now, but look when he was 20 he was no such thing as R9 and same with Rooney. Maradona could of won the award at the age of 20, but they meant he was to young. in my opinion; ''If you are good enough, then you are old enough''

also i saw some of you mention Zidane as top 25.. i think he got something like that in 1999, but in my opinion he deserves Platini's place. He has accomplished much more then Platini.

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Falcao wrote:they can defend and attack
I don't think Ronaldo is known for his great defensive plays. :wink:

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No striker is the worlds most complete player!!!

Strikers do not play defense. How the hell could the most complete player in the world only contribute when his team has posession?

You can say that a player like Pele is the most complete striker in the world, but to say that he is the most complete player is a careless determination. It doesn't matter if a player is five times better at dribbling and shooting than another, if the other player contributes to both offense and defense he is more complete.

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